Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Over $50 OOP This Week - Includes Dog Food

Chick Fil A (all 3 sandwiches free - woo hoo!). Hubby paid for drinks & fries (not sure of total), no OOP for me
CVS - can't find receipt (what a shock...LOL), 2 Aussie shampoo, used (2) $1.00 coupons that came on some of the Aussie I bought at Kroger back here, used ECB & gift card, no OOP
Super Valu - 2 packages Chinet plates, $2.00 each, used (2) $1.00 coupons; 1 pkg hot dogs, $1.00; 3 lb potatoes, $1.00, $4.24 OOP

Tuesday - Nothing

Stopped in Dollar General for Taco Seasoning for supper that night; also ended up getting new plastic scrubbies for doing dishes (pk of 6, $1.00), OOP $2.01

Wags, see post here, OOP $5.04, still have $1.50 in RR

Sam's Club for Sudafed (house brand), OOP $1.78
Wal-Mart, see post here, OOP $7.42
Kroger, see post here, OOP $27.33
CVS, Milk & Cokes, used ECB & gift card, no OOP
Kroger, forgot the hamburger buns first time, & son and I both wanted Cheetos (2 bags because he likes Flamin' Hot - yuck!), $2.88 OOP

Total $50.70 OOP - Including $12.99 for dog food - darn dogs

I'm trying to make myself remember that it's okay to miss a few deals here & there so I can bring my totals down... but it's sooo hard LOL

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