Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Week in Review

CVS, 2 trips, $3.45

Super Valu, 48¢ (4 pkg of Chinet lunch plates - tax only)
Kroger, $31.18
Sam's, $1.78
Pizza for supper for my son's birthday, $7.95

Kroger, $17.08 (12.99 was dog food which usually does not come out of my grocery budget)

CVS, 2¢- here's the deal - I've not been posting the CVS transactions on my mom's card that she reimburses me for. I don't include these in my totals because she pays me for them. But Wednesday I needed milk, which is $1.99 at CVS. So, stopped by CVS, used my mom's card to get her some Sensodyne & a package of Tide stain release, after coupons & EB ending up spending $2.02 OOP, but she paid me $2.00 for the 2 products for her so my OOP was actually 2¢. Yes, I'm in charge of keeping up with her EB's and rolling them... because I enjoy the challenge and she enjoys the bargains when I take them to her!

CVS $1.42 (didn't post this, 3 bags Jack Links Buffalo Chicken Nuggets - had 3 free coupons from August All You - thanks Penny & Vicki, 1 carton Coca-cola so I don't have withdrawals, 1 20-oz Mountain Dew because I was thirsty & knew I was going to go negative after using a $4 off $20 email coupon)

Wal-Mart, 80¢
Kroger, $15.11 (I think - I know that's pretty close)

Total $78.36 - I have a heart attack every time I see this number - More than I usually spend; more than I usually can spend. When I subtract the $12.99 for dog food and the $7.95 for pizza that I don't usually spend, I feel a little better because that brings me under $60. It also helps when I consider how many meals I can make with the meat I purchased this week, and when I look at the cereal, boxed meals, canned bread (don't laugh), and other items that I won't need again for quite a while. Also, when I consider the birthday presents, Christmas presents, fun stuff for me :) that I don't usually buy, I don't feel as bad about it all.

There are a few CVS transactions that didn't make it into the blog - the ones for my mother, and 1 on my card & 1 on my hubby's card that were strictly the Glade items. The 2 Glade items were less than $1 OOP but I can't for the life of me find these receipts. It's been that kind of week - I'm sooo upset with myself because my VocalPoint $2.50 Bounce Dryer Bar coupon is missing too...not good!

I didn't list my costs for newspapers and coupons ordered online because I choose to have a separate budget just for these costs and not include them in my "shopping money".

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