Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Quick Note About Super Valu...

I don't usually post about Super Valu, since they don't take any internet coupons other than the ones you can print from their website and they don't double coupons. But this week, they have one deal that I was sooo glad to run across. If you have the $2.00/1 Chinet lunch plates from the 8/09 SS, you can get them for the cost of tax on $2.00 this week - That's right Super Valu has Chinet plates and bowls on sale 2 for $4.00. I took my 4 coupons and went Monday, but I kept forgetting to put in on here for you. :(

I also have $1.00 Chinet Classic White or Casuals Plate, and $1.00 off New Chinet Salad & Side Dish. I think these are from the 6/28 SS. And, here are links for $1.00 off Chinet Casuals, here (FF) and here (IE). These don't make them free, but they do make them pretty affordable if you need good disposable plates for something. I love Chinet plates because they hold messy food without making a mess!

One other thing I'll be buying at Super Valu this week - Watermelon. They have watermelons for $1.99 each. I love watermelon!

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