Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kroger 9/4

I know, I know - I've been shopping waaaayyy too much this week, but I needed a few things for a couple of meals I've really been wanting to make so off to the store today. Frankly, I also needed - okay wanted the shopping rush and this is all I can afford to do right now...LOL So I went to Wal-Mart (see previous post) and Kroger. Here's the take-home from Kroger:

1 roll Bounty paper towels, $1.00
3 cans beef broth, $2.55
2 cans cream of celery soup, $3.38
1 bottle KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, $1.67
1 bottle A-1, $2.79
2 bottles Hunt's ketchup, $2.00
4 bottles Dial Hand Soap (yes Penny, I know I don't need more soap - but it was free & you know how I am with FREE!), $4.00
1 lb ground chuck, $2.24
1 pork roast (yum... BBQ tomorrow - well today now...LOL), $5.29
1 bag Kingsford Charcoal$, 6.99
1 bag BBQ Wavy Lays (I've really been wanting these), $2.00

25¢ (doubled) & 25¢ e-coupon off Bounty
$1.00/2 Campbell's cooking soups
$2.00 off A-1
$1.00 off beef wyb A-1
55¢ Dial Soap (x4) with 45¢ bonus on each (instead of doubling for overage)
$2.00 off Kingsford Charcoal
Free KC Masterpiece wyb Kinsgsford charcoal
$6.00 off pork wyb Kingsford charcoal & other participating product (KC Masterpiece)
$1.00 off 2 bottles Hunt's ketchup

Total was just over $15 - you really don't expect me to able to find my receipt do you? Total savings was somewhere around 70%. Yes I have a receipt - do I have to find it? LOL

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