Friday, January 25, 2013

Great Kroger Clearance Deals This Week!

Wow - I can't believe I haven't posted in over a year!  It's been quite a year, but that's not what this is about.  I had such a good week at Kroger that when my hubby & best friend said "you ought to blog about this" I thought, "Yes, I should!"

First of all, Monday my best friend and I just ran in Kroger because I needed to grab a ham for my mother.  Our umm.... "quick" run through got slowed down considerably when we ran across one of our favorite employees marking down some Christmas overstock.  I'm not talking wrapping paper and decorations here, I'm talking food!  If I can get pics uploaded and find receipts I'll try to update with more details, but this is the basic list of the deals we found.

Martha White Corn Meal Mix, 5 lb bag, 90¢
Green Giant canned veggies, 31¢
Vanilla candy coating (I'm set for next Christmas now!) 82¢
Le Sueur canned green peas (favorite brand of my mom & my son) 44¢
Stove Top stuffing, turkey flavor, 60¢
French's french-fried onions, $1.00
Duncan Hines cake mixes, 3 different flavors, 50¢
Duncan Hines frostings, 2 different flavors, 50¢
Kroger brand Cream of Chicken & Cream of Mushroom soup, 25¢
Gold Medal All-Purpose flour, 5 lb bag, 67¢
Swanson canned broth, 31¢
Domino's sugar, 4 lb bag, 87¢

Sadly, we had no coupons with us.  We weren't planning to do any shopping since we had been up since 4 am because my friend had an outpatient surgical procedure and I was taking her home from the hospital when we stopped at Kroger.  I was just running in to grab a ham for my mom because it was on my way.  Then my friend decided she felt like walking through with me so we could check the clearance...  I swear we're not TOTALLY crazy!

We did still get two great coupon deals even though we didn't bring our coupons.  The flour had 25¢ coupons (which doubled to 50¢) on the bags so 5 lb bags of flour for 17¢!  And for the French's onions there was a handy little dispenser on the veggie aisle with $1 coupons - so free!

My second great trip of the week happened Tuesday night.  I once again just "ran in" to get a gallon of milk, which would have cost me $2.98.  Of course, I always check the clearance areas and when I checked the frozen clearance area, I found Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles for 99¢ each.  These were in the buy 4 items, get a free gallon of milk promotion which ended Tuesday night.  They only had 3 of them so I grabbed them along with a box of cereal (of course I had a coupon for it!).  So for $4.21 I got my gallon of milk, a box of cereal and three boxes of Toaster Scrambles for my hubby.  All in all it was another very good trip!   Love my Kroger clearance!