Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yes, I do love CVS!

Since the Office Depot post was so long, let's just jump right in! LOL

4 cans Axe Body Spray, sale price $4.49 each
Used (2) BOGO coupons, 7/31 RP
Used $1 EB & $5 EB
Total OOP (including $1.08 tax) $2.56
Got back $3 EB

5 bottles Smartwater, sale price $1.00 each
Used (5) 75¢ coupons, truck stop tearpad (gotta love my hubby)
Total OOP $1.25
Got back $1 EB

2 boxes Efferdent, clearance price $1.47 each
Used (2) 75¢ coupons, 7/31 SS
Used $1 EB
Total OOP (including 18¢ tax) 62¢
Got back $2 EB because the clearance boxes triggered the weekly EB deal on Efferdent. Gotta love those moneymakers!

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Pounds4Pennies said...

I love CVS. I have decided to go on Wednesdays or Thursdays now. Most of the items I want to purchase are still there, since they restocked the shelves and the lines are not as long.