Thursday, August 4, 2011

Office Depot - Well They Were Almost Free

So the hubby & I were in Office Depot last weekend and I stumbled across a great clearance deal. Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper Starter Kits (Swiffer type thing LOL) were $2.00 and the dry cloth refill 16 ct boxes were $1.00. Since I've been wanting to replace my slightly beaten-up Swiffer, I was very pleased. They had 3 of the Clean-Flip starter sets so I made a couple of calls and discovered that my mom & my best friend were both interested for that price :) They had 8 boxes of the dry cloths so I promptly snagged all of them as well. (No I don't usually advocate shelf-clearing; however, when purchasing for three people, this was not a huge quantity. And clearance has it own set of rules anyway IMO.) Then hubby noticed a Quickie broom/dust pan set on clearance for $2.00... They only had one left so we quickly put it in the shopping cart as well.

As we were looking at other items, I mentioned that I thought I had a couple of coupons for the Clean-Flip starter kits but the face value was probably more than $2.00. I had also never attempted to use a manufacturer's coupon at Office Depot so I had no idea how well it would work. I have noticed on other blogs that Office Depot seems to definitely be a YMMV (your mileage may vary) kind of place. But I just couldn't not check, so I ran out to the car, flipped through my binder, and there they were - 2 printables for $3.00 off. So now I have printables for more than the cost of the item; I'm a little nervous. So when we checked out my hubby asked the very nice cashier (trainee) and she said "Yes, we take coupons". She then tried to scan it, but it wouldn't scan. I don't know if they're like Lowe's and their systems just don't scan coupons, or if it was just this coupon, or if it was because of the price vs. coupon amount, but it just wouldn't work. Hmmm...

So, she called for a manager, who came over and told her she would have to adjust the purchase price, but that won't work since the coupon is more than the price and the register won't let them adjust to zero. So now I'm about ready to just pay the $2.00 which is a good price anyway...

2 pkg plastic spoons, 50¢ each (friend's little girl starts kindergarten next week & I'm sure she NEEDED these cause they're cute!)

8 boxes Lysol Clean-Flip dry cloth refills, $1.00 each

3 Lysol Clean-Flip starter kits, 1¢ each (adjusted all 3 of them down to allow for the face value of the 2 coupons)

Total OOP (including 66¢ sales tax) = $11.69

I don't know if all our Office Depot employees are this coupon-friendly, but the ones we had were great!

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Great shopping. Thanks for stopping by and LINKing UP! Come back Tuesday to share any tips you may have.