Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kroger - Making Money on Crest!

I realize I've been out of the loop for awhile, but I got a nice surprise when I checked out at Kroger Thursday. Stopped in to get a few things we needed (like meat, veggies... LOL) and a few good deals since I had my 7/31 P&G (love that it comes out on Wednesday in the Mayfield Messenger).

One of the things I picked up was the free Crest toothpaste since it's on sale for $1.00 and there were 50¢ coupons in the 7/31 P&G which doubled to $1.00. What I didn't realize is that there's a catalina deal going on Crest. I'm still not sure what the specifics are, but I had 4 tubes of Crest in my order and was surprised with a $2.00 catalina from Crest when I checked out! I spent between $25 & $30 on that order, but when I saw the catalina I decided to use the other 4 coupons I had and make some more money. I'm not going to breakdown the 1st transaction (that receipt isn't with the other and I'm not digging for it LOL), but here's the breakdown of #2 and #3.

Transaction #2
2 bags Milky Way Fun-Size bars, $1.87 each
used $1.50/2 (found in-store dispenser a while back at Walgreens)
4 tubes Crest, $1.00 each
used (4) 50¢ coupons, 7/31 PG, doubled to $1.00
4 bottles Dawn dish detergent, $1.00 each
used (4) 50¢ coupons, 7/31 PG, doubled to $1.00

Total, including tax = $2.37

Got back $2.00 catalina for Crest & $1.00 catalina for Milky Way!

Transaction #3
2 bags Milky Way Fun-Size bars, $1.87 each
used $1.50/2
Boneless pork tenderloin, $1.97/lb, total $9.04 (had them slice into pork chops)
used (2) $1.00 & (2) $2.00 catalinas

Total OOP, including tax = $5.28

Got back $1.00 catalina for Milky Ways!

Food Giant 2-Day Sale... Lots of Sundrop (& other drinks)!

I have to dig out my receipts and take pictures. My OOP for this sale has been more than I was planning to spend, but with 6 pack RC products (RC, Diet Rite, Sundrop, A&W, Sunkist, Big Red) (16.9 oz bottles) for 99¢, we have stocked up on several kinds! My hubby, son & I had to be in Mayfield and Paducah yesterday, so we all purchased soft drinks since there's a limit of 4 6-packs. 1 stop in Mayfield and 1 stop in Paducah equals 24 6-packs. I'm sure this will seem extreme to many, but with school starting next week (school lunches - even though my son frequently takes water) and a truck driver hubby who keeps bottled soft drinks in his fridge in the truck (bottles are better than cans because bottles have lids...LOL), this stash won't last as long as you might think.

Also in the 2-day sale:

Frito-Lay chips, $1.99
Chester's Puff-corn or Pop-corn, 99¢
Hunt's ketchup, 24 oz bottle, 89¢
Hamburger Helper, 89¢ (used 75/3 coupon to make it 64¢ each)
Bunny Bread 1/2 loaf, 49¢ (used 25 coupon which doubled to 49¢ to make it free!)

I'm hoping to dig out my receipts and do breakdowns of my actual shopping trips; however, this weekend is a little crazy so it just might not happen LOL

Why You Should Never Ignore Food Giant!

Wow! So this week (Wed 7/27 - Tues 8/2) at Food Giant, they have a few P & G trial size items for $1.00 each and there just happen to be corresponding coupons to make them free or really cheap!

I've stopped in a few times so far... :)

Cascade Action Tabs, 4 ct, $1.00
use $1.00 off any Cascade item, P&G 7/3 or 8/1 (P&G comes out in the Mayfield Messenger on the Wednesday before so already have some of them)
use 50¢ off Cascade Action Tabs, Organize in Style Booklet, doubles to $1.00

Bounty Napkins, 50 ct, $1.00
use $1.00 off Bounty Napkins, P & G 6/5 (exp 7/31)
use $1.00 off Bounty Napkins, 50 ct or more, specially marked Town House Cracker Boxes (thanks to my mother)

Mr Clean Magic Eraser, 1 ct, $1.00
use 75¢ off Mr Clean Magic Eraser, Organize in Style Booklet

I don't actually have my receipts in front of me; however, I only had 1 Mr. Clean coupon so my OOP was extremely low for these items. I stopped 3 times for these products since you can only use 4 identical coupons per transaction. Not all of the items are in the picture since I've already dropped some off at my parents' house. Purchased a total of 10 Cascade packets, 10 Bounty napkin packages and 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for a total OOP of $1.51.