Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been a slow shopping week!

That's a good thing, because that means I haven't spent a lot this week! Had to stop at CVS on Wednesday and grab a couple gallons of milk. Spent $4.98 on milk and a couple dollars on stuff I found on clearance for my hubby.

I also ran to CVS & Big John's last Saturday. Big John's to get some ground beef because I saw on Mandy's Frugal Journey that they had it on sale. Also grabbed some ketchup & bananas, spend $12 and change (can't find receipt LOL).

Went to CVS to take advantage of the Physician's Formula EB deal. I was one of the people who tried for a free sample a month or two ago, but received a $5 coupon instead. So here's the breakdown of my CVS receipt.

1 Physician's Formula Eyeliner $7.49
- $5.00 Mfg coupon
-$1.50 EB
+ .36 tax

Total OOP $1.35

Got back $7 EB - Gotta love transactions like this!

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Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I just now saw your comment. But here is the response regarding their coupon policy they gave me!!

Thanks for your interest in shopping with us. We do accept internet coupons, though I will caution you there are several going around that are counterfeit. My advise, if it looks to good it probably is. You are right .50 is the highest we double and there is no limit on the number of coupons that you redeem. Typically, there is a limit of 1 coupon per item. If you have any other questions, please respond.