Saturday, April 16, 2011

I stopped at Walmart this week...

Very briefly, for dog food. It's so hard to get really good deals on dry dog food. We used to use Ol' Yeller from Kroger, but the price went up and our dogs really don't seem to like it as well, so we're buying more Ol' Roy from Walmart. When I was in the dog food aisle, I noticed there were bonus size bags of Purina Dog Chow & I had a coupon, so the price was really close to the Ol' Roy. I asked the hubby and he said to get the Dog Chow.

48.1 lb bag Purina Dog Chow, $20.97
used $2.00 (? I think) printable

1 (9 oz) container Hillshire Farms Brown Sugar Ham (we love this stuff) $3.28
used $1.00 printable

Can't find my receipt, but by my calculations, that should come out to $22.51 total (including $1.26 tax). I hate what dog food costs! But I love my doggies :)

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