Friday, April 22, 2011

Lovin' Walgreens this week!

While most things I got at Walgreens this week weren't free, I did get some pretty good deals. I stopped by Thursday and did 3 transactions, for a total of $13.98. I started with $6 RR and ended with none. However, I did run back in tonight and grab 3 boxes of Splenda with Fiber, used (3) $3.00 coupons so I got them free and got back $4 RR. So... I do have RR to start with next time. :)

Gillette Fusion Razor, $9.99
Caramel 33¢
- $4.00 razor coupon
-$ 3.00 RR
Total OOP, including 62¢ tax, $3.94
got back $4 RR for razor

3 large packages Huggies wipes, $5.99 each
1 caramel
-50¢ x 3 wipes coupons
-$6.00 store coupon for wipes ($2 off for each pkg purchased), this coupon is out of a baby care booklet I picked up a while back
-$4 RR from 1st transaction
Total OOP, including $1.10 tax, $7.90
got back $3 RR for wipes

2 pkg OxiClean MaxForce Pocket Paks, 10 ct, $2.50 each
4 Airwick i-Motion Compact, $3.99 (price adjusted 1 of them to $4.03 to prevent coupon beeping, for the cashiers I know this is easier than adjusting the coupon amount)
3 can Green Giant Veggies, 49¢ with in-ad coupon
2 bottles Listerine, half-price sale, $2.49 each
3 rolls Scotch Magic Tape, 3/$1.99 with in-ad coupon
1 caramel (didn't actually need it for filler on this transaction, but I had grabbed it with the other two so I got it LOL)
-$3.00/2 OxiClean coupon
-(4) $4.00 Airwick coupons
-(2) $1.00 Listerine coupons
-(2) $1.00 tape coupons
-$1.00 store coupon for Oxiclean, April coupon booklet
-75¢ store coupon for veggies, 4/17 coupon insert
used $3 RR already had and $3 RR from transaction #2
Total OOP, including $1.78 tax, $2.14
Received no RR for this transaction.

Walmart - Paid tax only!

I was very happy when I stopped by the Mayfield Walmart one morning and discovered they did, in fact, have Nivea Body Wash for $3.00. I used my coupons and my mom gave me hers, for 18¢ (tax only) per bottle, I thought it was a pretty good deal!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CVS this week

I started with $7 EB from the Physician's Formula deal. The first thing I did was the Airwick Deal.

3 Airwick I-motions (I think - can't decipher the descriptions on my receipt & I'm not taking the time to go look at the package LOL), $5.00 each
used (3) $4.00 printable coupons

1 Airwick Scented Oil Refill, $5.00
used $2.00 printable coupon

1 Russell Stover Easter Candy, 74¢

1 bottle Gain Dish Detergent, 97¢

Used $7 EB, paid $2.01 OOP (including 71¢ tax)
Got back $10 EB for Airwick & 74¢ EB for candy

Then Thursday I ran in to grab Smartwater for hubby & son and use my freebie coupons from this week. It was amazing to me that I had 3 freebies from them in one week! Also splurged on soft drinks & Reese's cause I'd just picked son up at school and we still had an errand that involved us being in the car for over an hour. And REALLY splurged and bought myself a DIY magazine I wanted!
12 bottles Smartwater, 3/$4.00
used (6) 75¢ coupons

3 King-Size Reese's, $1.69 each
no coupons, just B2G1 sale

2 Mt Dew, $1.59 each
used free drink or candy coupon from CVS, deducted $2.00

DIY Magazine, $4.99

1 Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Lotion, $3.79
used free Essence of Beauty antibacterial product from CVS

1 Essence of Beauty Shower Pouf, $2.99
used free Shower Pouf wyb Essence of Beauty body or skin product (got the lotion above)

Used $5 off $30 email coupon & $10 EB, paid $6.50 OOP (including 65¢ tax)
Got back $4 EB for Smartwater and still have 74¢ EB from transaction earlier in the week.

I did run in CVS during the week to get a couple gallons of milk so I spent another $5.98 then.

Kroger - 4/12/11

Ran in Kroger Tuesday night, mostly to grab bread, drinks & chips for my hubby since he was headed out Wednesday morning. Ran across Hormel Always Tender Pork Roasts on Manager's Markdown so I was very happy about that!
1 loaf Kroger Honey Wheat Bread, $1.09

3 bags Lay's Chips, $2.48 each
used (3) 55¢ coupons, doubled to $1.10 each

2 Hormel Always Tender Pork Roasts, $3.99 each - Manager's Markdown
(Roast flavor - wondering exactly what that will be LOL)
used (2) $1.00 coupons
*24 oz. roasts - $1.99/lb after coupons

1 Hormel Always Tender Pork roast, $3.59, Manager's Markdown
(Garlic & Onion flavor, have no idea why it was cheaper)
used $1.00 coupon
*24 oz roast - $1.73/lb after coupon

Ground Chuck, $5.33, Manager's Markdown

6-pack Mt. Dew 16-oz bottles, $2.75

3 Totino's Crisp Crust Pizzas, $1.25 each
used (2) 50¢/1 printable coupons

1/2 gallon Kroger Milk (1/2 gallon fits in hubby's truck fridge), $1.67

1 box Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, $1.50
used 50 printable coupon, doubled to $1.00

2 small cans Kroger Green Peas (also for hubby's truck), 2/$1.09

2 bottles Fantastik Cleaner, $1.49 Household Event Sale Price
used (2) 55¢ printable coupons, doubled to $1.10

2 bottles Windex Multisurface Cleaner, $1.49 Household Event Sale Price
used (2) 55¢ printable coupons, doubled to $1.10

6 Marie Callendar Frozen Entrees, $2.00 each
used B5G1 free ecoupon
used (2) $1.00/2 printable coupons

I also used a $2.00 catalina from Pedigree.

Spent a total of $34.53 which was more than I had planned, but since I bought meat for 5 meals (wasn't planning that for this trip) I'm okay with it.

I stopped at Walmart this week...

Very briefly, for dog food. It's so hard to get really good deals on dry dog food. We used to use Ol' Yeller from Kroger, but the price went up and our dogs really don't seem to like it as well, so we're buying more Ol' Roy from Walmart. When I was in the dog food aisle, I noticed there were bonus size bags of Purina Dog Chow & I had a coupon, so the price was really close to the Ol' Roy. I asked the hubby and he said to get the Dog Chow.

48.1 lb bag Purina Dog Chow, $20.97
used $2.00 (? I think) printable

1 (9 oz) container Hillshire Farms Brown Sugar Ham (we love this stuff) $3.28
used $1.00 printable

Can't find my receipt, but by my calculations, that should come out to $22.51 total (including $1.26 tax). I hate what dog food costs! But I love my doggies :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been a slow shopping week!

That's a good thing, because that means I haven't spent a lot this week! Had to stop at CVS on Wednesday and grab a couple gallons of milk. Spent $4.98 on milk and a couple dollars on stuff I found on clearance for my hubby.

I also ran to CVS & Big John's last Saturday. Big John's to get some ground beef because I saw on Mandy's Frugal Journey that they had it on sale. Also grabbed some ketchup & bananas, spend $12 and change (can't find receipt LOL).

Went to CVS to take advantage of the Physician's Formula EB deal. I was one of the people who tried for a free sample a month or two ago, but received a $5 coupon instead. So here's the breakdown of my CVS receipt.

1 Physician's Formula Eyeliner $7.49
- $5.00 Mfg coupon
-$1.50 EB
+ .36 tax

Total OOP $1.35

Got back $7 EB - Gotta love transactions like this!