Sunday, August 29, 2010

Found a Giveaway that is Definitely Worth Entering!

There's a really cool blog that I subscribe to & follow on Facebook, "The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy", that is having an awesome giveaway right now. She's partnered with Tide and Downy to give away an "ENTIRE YEAR of both Tide with Acti-Lift and Ultra Downy (12 coupons for FREE Tide and 12 coupons for FREE Downy)!!"

I would sooooo love to win this one. I use many different brands of laundry care (depending, of course, on sales and coupons) but I am always happy when the sales and coupons mean I get to stock up on my Original Scent Tide and April Fresh Downy!

Go here to read here post on the Tide Loads of Hope program and for instructions to enter the giveaway. Good Luck (but I'm secretly hoping I win & you don't LOL!!

Important information - This giveaway doesn't end until September 20th.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My CVS Trip 8/21/10

I do love it when you go in & everything works out like you planned, or in this case, even better. I did 4 transactions, the last transaction was because they only had 3 bags of the Emerald glazed nuts that were BOGO and I forgot to ask before I started how they would handle that extra bag.

I started with $3 EB.

Transaction #1
3 candy bars, 50¢ each
1 gallon milk, $2.79
2 John Frieda Root Awakening Products, $5.00 each
1 John Frieda Frizz Ease Product, $5.00
2 Sobe Life Water, BOGO, $2.19
2 Bags Emerald Glazed Nuts, BOGO, $2.99
1 travel size CVS baby wipes, 99¢ (because I spilled something all over my top
right before I came in LOL)
Coupons used:
$5 off $25 (email coupon)
(1) BOGO Sobe water
(2) $3.00 John Frieda Root Awakening
(1) $2.00 John Frieda (the JF coupons were the old ones that expired that night,
but there were new ones in the inserts Sunday 8/22)
(2) $1.00 Emerald Nut
$3.00 EB
Total OOP (including 95¢ tax) = $6.22
Got back $5 EB for buying $15 of John Frieda products & $1 EB for buying milk.

Transaction #2
1 bottle Blink Tears Gel Eye Drops, $7.99
Coupons used:
$1.50 Blink Tears (printable)
$5 & $1 EB
Total OOP (including 48¢ tax) = 97¢
Got back $7.99 EB

Transaction #3
3 candy bars, 50¢ each
2 Breathsavers mints, $1.99 each
6 Smart Water, $1.00 each
3 Vitamin Water, $1.00 each
2 Listerine Total Care, Cinnamint Flavor, $1.24 each (clearance find!)
Coupons used:
$5 off $15 (printed last week from the nice coupon machine)
(2) $1.00 off wyb 3 Smart Water & another item (recent tearpads at CVS)
(2) $1.00 Listerine Total Care (various inserts this year)
$7.99 EB
Total OOP (including 40¢ tax) = 37¢
Got back $4.00 EB for buying 2 bottles Listerine Total Care and $5 EB for buying 10 Smart Water/ Vitamin Water (I had purchased one Smart Water earlier in the day for my son who was going to the park for a birthday party.)

Transaction #4
1 bag Emerald Glazed Nuts, $2.99, BOGO
Coupons used:
$1.50 deducted as CVS coupon for the BOGO sale
(1) $1.00 Emerald Nut coupon
Total OOP (including 18¢ tax) = 67¢

So I started the night with $3 EB, spent a total of $8.23 OOP and ended with $9 EB. It seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Awesome Deal at CVS!

I had a great CVS (Southside) trip Saturday night! I'll give you all the details later, but here's one to be on the lookout for. Listerine Total Care is on sale (I think $3.99) and producing $2 eb this week and there are several $1.00 coupons out there. That's not the best part though; I found the Cinnamint flavor clearance tagged for $1.24 and it is producing the $2 eb. That makes it 24 cents plus tax (after $1.00 coupon) to get back $2! Limit of 2 per household so keep your eyes open. Just for the record, there were still a few on the shelf after I got my 2 Saturday night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giveaway at Who Said Nothing in Life is Free

One of my favorite blogs, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free, has a giveaway (sponsored by Blog Spark) going on. One lucky reader will get a General Mills/ Box Tops for Education prize pack as well as a $25 Target Gift Card. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner... Or maybe you will - just go here to enter!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm sitting in my home, at my computer, online... Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why We Love Kroger!

So Tuesday afternoon when I ran in Kroger to do my last P&G transaction (the one I didn't blog because I don't have the receipt with me LOL), I discovered Nature Valley Granola Bars & Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks on clearance. Hello? Can you say brand new Mega Event? Tuesday is our overlap day - new sales starting Wednesday have usually started and sales ending Tuesday are still good. So after I stocked up on P&G, Nature Valley and Fruit Snacks (for the almost-4-year-old daughter of the best couponing buddy ever!) I called & texted the aforementioned buddy so she could stop by after work and get even more...

So here's her trip:

8 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $1.29 each
- (3) 50 cent Shortcuts & Cellfire ecoupons
- (4) 50 cents off 2 coupons (doubled)

1 Speedstick deodorant, 88 cents
- (1) 50 coupon (doubled)

- $4.00 Mega Event Savings
- 44 cents Senior Discount (we don't know why she gets it, but she does)

Mfg Coupon Savings $4.00
Bonus Cpn Savings $2.50
Kroger Plus Savings $5.25
Total Savings (97 pct) $11.75

Total spent - 25 cents!

She said the guy that rang up her order was just about speechless when he looked at the total and told her what it was!

Yup, this is why we love Kroger: Clearance + Mega Events + e-coupons + coupons + double coupons...

One Small Kroger Trip

I actually made another trip and did another P & G transaction with 8 items, and a couple of General Mills transactions but didn't take pictures & don't have the receipts with me. So I'm just posting this one for now.

2 Fusion HydraGel, $2.44 each
1 Herbal Essences Shampoo, $2.99
1 Aussie Mousse, $2.99

(2) $1.00 Fusion q
Buy HE or Aussie product, get HE or Aussie Styling product free
(all from this month's P & G insert)

The cashier put the BOGO coupon through at $3.69.

Total including tax $1.58

This Week at Walgreens

So hopefully I will have internet at home Monday, but for now I'm at the library without my receipts for the totals for each trip/transaction. So, I'll put the picture up and list the prices for each item.

U by Kotex Tampons
on sale $3.50 each
minus $2.00/1 Store Q (August booklet)
minus $1.00/1 Q (8/1 SS)
50 cents each

Dial Body Wash
on sale $3.99 each, get $3 RR
minus $1.00 printable
$2.99 each, get back $3 RR

Nivea Body Wash
For Women, on sale BOGO $5.00
used $4.00/2 printable
Men's $4.99 & $5.99
used B2 Women's get Men's free (7/25 RP)
$2.65 - $2.71 (including tax) for 3 bottles

Secret Smoothing Expressions
On clearance $2.29, Get $3 RR

Notepads, on sale 19 cents each

Moisturizing socks, used "Free after RR" raincheck
They actually price adjust them to a penny so they don't have to have a supervisor override. Works for me!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have My Fingers Crossed...

Looks like we should have internet at home sometime in the next few weeks providing everything goes well. Please let the telephone company not have any issues when they get there to install it!

Once that happens I hope to be able to stay on top of the deals much better and blog much more often again - Here's hoping!!!