Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kmart - So Far, So Good...

I keep reading about all the problems people are having with their Kmart stores and the super doubles and have to say that the 2 trips I've made to Paducah Kmart have been so great! Sunday night I stopped in and checked at customer service & the lady working explained it to me so nicely and then I had very smooth transactions checking out.

Last night when I checked out the cashier was just amazed that the coupons were doubling so he showed the lady who was coming to relieve him so he could take his break and she was amazed too. I did think it was kind of sad that their cashiers hadn't been educated on the promotion; however, they were both very nice and thought it was great that I saved so much. I'm really hoping that the rest of the week works this well.

On a non-coupon-related note, I also had a great response from the lady at the service desk last night. I had to do a return for my mother and the lone person working the service desk was swamped so I wandered through the bedding while I was waiting for it to slow down. When I finally went back and she asked how everything was I mentioned that I had just found a comforter set on sale but was disappointed they were out of the size I needed and she said no problem, I'll just give you a rain check on it. LOL, I hadn't even thought about being able to get a rain check, I was just disappointed that they were out of mine!

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