Monday, February 1, 2010

CVS & Rainchecks

I love that CVS gives rainchecks, but what I really love is that when you have a raincheck for an item that was giving Extra Bucks, the computer rounds up to the next whole dollar. In December, CVS had ThermaCare wraps for $2.49 (which is the regular price) get $2.49 EB. Naturally, they were out every time I looked that week, so I got a rain check. As I'm redeeming part of the rain check last Saturday, I bought two of the wraps and ended up with (2) $3.00 EB. How awesome!

Saturday Night at CVS...

Because isn't that the happening place on Saturday night? Here's the thing, we were almost out of Cokes & we are (ok, some of us are) addicted to Cokes, so this is not a good situation. However, I refused to by them until our CVS started this week's sale. So, off to CVS for our 7 cartons of Coke products...

6 cartons of Coca-Cola
1 carton Nestea Iced Tea

(1) $1.00/2 "peelie" coupon (my mother found them when she was buying Vanilla Cokes at Super Valu recently & made sure she only got the cartons with the coupons)
(4) $1.00 coupons from Recycle Bank
$13.00 EB

$5.21 OOP

$10.00 EB

I just love it when these trips work the way I plan!