Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I finally had a "real" grocery trip again....

Real as in I managed to get my list & coupons somewhat organized! And it felt soooo good! Wasn't my best Kroger trip ever, but it was $105.38 before coupons and $53.07 after so I was feeling pretty good, especially since part of it was for my mother so after she paid me I only ended up with $43.07 OOP. Thought I still had my receipt in my purse so I could post it while I'm online here at the library :), but apparently not - LOL. Will try to post it soon. I may also have another trip to post since I'm planning to make a run later this evening, which could be very interesting because the stores have been swamped because of our current Winter Storm Warning.... So excited - We may actually get enough snow to make snow cream!

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