Saturday, November 6, 2010

Can't Believe I've been MIA So Long!

I sooo didn't realize it had been almost 2 months since I posted! I've pretty much been doing the bare necessities of shopping and couponing - it's so sad! LOL However, with the Mega Sale at Kroger this week I've started again - BIG TIME! Spend more this week than I usually do, but won't need soup, dog biscuit or pasta for a while!

This weekend I am going to try to get my Kroger and Walgreens deals from this week posted and linked to Southern Savers Friday Finals. And hopefully, I will be able to keep my momentum going!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rite Aid Again (aka My New Addiction)...

Since I needed to do a little shopping today I decided to go to Murray so I could do a deal or two at Rite Aid. I'm still getting the hang of stacking all the store coupons with the manufacturer's coupons, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

I did 2 transactions today:
Transaction #1
(6) pkg Noxema Disposable Razors, $1.99 ea
(1) Maybelline Great Lash, $3.11
(1) 18 ct Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, $4.00
(2) DampRid tubs, $1.94 each (clearance find!)
(2) Nivea Lip Treatments, $2.99 & $1.49
Rite Aid Coupons Used
(1) $5/$25
(1) $1/$10 Shaving Products
(1) $2.00 Maybelline Cosmetics
Mfg. Coupons Used
(1) $2.00/2 Nivea Lip (printable)
(1) $2.00 Playtex Gentle Glide (printable)
(1) $1.00 Damprid
(6) $2.00 Noxema Razor
Total OOP $2.91, got back $2 (Nivea Lip), $1 (Maybelline Mascara), $3 (Playtex) +UP Rewards

Transaction #2
(2) Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor, $5.99 ea
(1) Garnier Fructis Shampoo (33% more bonus bottle), $2.99
(1) Garnier Fructis Styling Cream, $2.99
(1) Suave Professionals Shampoo, $2.00
(1) Suave Professionals Conditioner, $2.00
(2) Reach Total Toothbrushes, $2.99 ea
(1) Desitin 2 oz., $3.99
(1) Single-Serve Pack Oreos, 79¢
(1) Single-Serve Pack Nutter Butters, 79¢
(2) 20 oz Pepsi, $1.49 each
Rite Aid Coupons Used
(1) $5/$25
(1) $1.00 Desitin
(1) $1.00/2 Nabisco Snack
(1) B1G1 Pepsi ($1.49)
$3, $2, $1 +UP Rewards from Transaction #1
Mfg. Coupons Used
(2) $3.00 Nutrisse (printable)
(1) $1.00 Garnier Shampoo or Conditioner
(1) $1.00 Garnier Styling Product
(1) $1.00 Reach Product (printable)
(1) B1G1 Reach Toothbrush
(1) $1.00/2 Suave Professionals Hair Care
(1) $1.00 Desitin
Total OOP $8.80, got back $5 (Garnier), $2 (Desitin/J & J), $2 (Suave), $2 x2 (Listerine/Reach) +UP Rewards

Total OOP $11.91, still have $13 +UP Rewards for next time... and I am already looking forward to next time!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to list where all the coupons came from; this last year has been so crazy with moving twice, having so much of our stuff in storage for so many months, and having no internet at home from October last year until a few weeks ago. I am finally starting to get all my coupons organized and reaching a point where I can stay caught up with the deals a little better. It's such a good feeling.

I also wanted to make sure I mentioned how wonderful the cashiers at the Murray Rite Aid were today! The Noxema razors weren't marked so I took them to the register to get a price check and the cashier noticed there was a coupon in the package and told me if I wanted to I could take it out & use it when I checked out. Three of the packages had $1.00 coupons & 3 of them had $2.00 coupons. I already had 5 of the $2.00 coupons so I only had to pull 1 coupon out of a package. Some of my Rite Aid coupons beeped, but she just read them to make sure I had the product and put them through anyway. I'm always so thankful when I get cashiers anywhere that are so helpful!

Afterthought - As I was reading this checking for typos (after I published it LOL) I started thinking about how much I saved. Not off regular prices, it's not likely I would pay regular price for most of this, but how much I saved just off the sale prices... The total sale price before coupons was $63.90 (before tax), the total after coupons was $9.42. That means coupons saved me $54.48 or about 85.3%... Yup, I love what I do!

Monday, September 13, 2010

In My Mailbox Today (9/13)

There are days I love checking the mail. Free Gain dish detergent (from Facebook a couple of weeks ago), $10 Kmart gift card from My Coke Rewards & Nexxus samples plus a $3 coupon for my next Nexxus purchase (exp 3/30/2011) and NO BILLS!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Rite Aid Trip

Since the closest Rite Aid is in Murray and it takes about 35 minutes to get there, I hadn't been shopping Rite Aid. However, I had been wanting to get started and decided since I had the time yesterday (Saturday 9/4) I was going to make a trip to Murray to hit Rite Aid & the thrift stores.

I didn't use my usual grocery & drug store money for this trip. I had been given a little extra money from someone this week and decided to use that for a splurge.

I spent more OOP than I normally would on a drugstore trip, but I'm pretty happy with what I bought. I did three transactions, the first two were back-to-back, and then I came back before I left town & did the third one.

Transaction #1
(1) Nivea for Men Body Wash, $3.00
(2) Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor, $5.99 ea
(1) Garnier Fructis Shampoo (33% more bonus bottle), $2.99
(1) Garnier Fructis Conditioner (33% more bonus bottle), $2.99
(1) Nivea Lip Treatment, $2.99
(1) bag Cheetos (hadn't had lunch LOL), $1.29
(2) 20 oz Mt. Dew, $1.49 each
Rite Aid Coupons Used
(1) $5/$25 Video Values (August)
(1) $1.00 Garnier Video Values (August)
(1) $1.00 Garnier Video Values (September)
(1) $2.00 Garnier Haircolor Video Values (September)
(1) B1G1 Mt. Dew Video Values (August), took off $1.06
Mfg. Coupons Used
(1) $1.00 Nivea for Men Body Wash
(1) $1.00 Nivea Lip Treatment
(2) $2.00 Garnier Nutrisse
(2) $1.00 Garnier Shampoo or Conditioner
Total OOP $11.48, got back $5 (Garnier), $2 (Nivea BW) & $1 (Nivea Lip) +UP Rewards, will submit for $1.99 Nivea Lip SCR

Transaction #2
(6) Gain Dish Detergent, 89¢ each
(1) Nexxus Therappe Shampoo, $5.99
(1) Nexxus Conditioner, $18.99 (specially packaged with full-size shampoo - buy conditioner get shampoo free!)
Rite Aid Coupons Used
$5/$25 Video Values
$8 total +UP Rewards from first transaction
Mfg Coupons Used
(6) $1.00 Gain Dish Detergent adjusted to 89¢ each
Total OOP $13.50, got back $10 +UP Rewards (Nexxus)

Transaction #3
(2) 100 ct Aleeve, $9.99 & $4.99 (buy one, get one half-price sale)
(2) Wet n Wild Perfect Pair Eyeshadow/Liner, $3.99 ea
(1) Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner, free
(1) Wet n Wild Pencil Eyeliner, free (for some reason I had it in my mind that that Wet n Wild was buy one get one half-price instead of BOGO so I had figured in half-price on these)
(1) Gift Bag, $1.69 (needed this for a birthday dinner last night)
Rite Aid Coupons Used
$5/$25 printed from Red Plum
$2/$6 Wet n Wild Video Values
$1.00 Aleeve Video Values
$10 +UP Rewards from Transaction #2
Mfg Coupons Used
$5/$10 Wet n Wild (When I realized Wet n Wild was actually BOGO, I was going to get a couple more items but the cashier took it since it scanned with no problem...)
Total OOP $1.77, got back $2 +UP Rewards (Aleeve)

Total OOP for all 3 transactions, $26.75. I earned $20 +UP Rewards, used $18 of them and still have $2 left. I will also submit for $1.99 SCR for the Nivea lip treatment. Not an unbelievably great trip because of the high OOP, but still pretty good for all I got (especially since I love Nexxus products but refuse to pay full price for them!)

I wasn't going to get the Aleeve, since I had forgotten to take the $2.00 printables from which would have lowered my total OOP; however, I decided to just use the +UP Rewards from the Nexxus since we were completely out of Aleeve. Since I take an Aleeve/Ibuprofen combo for my migraines it's usually a very bad idea to not have any on hand!

P.S. Ignore the date on the picture; apparently my hubby hasn't set the date on his digital camera LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Found a Giveaway that is Definitely Worth Entering!

There's a really cool blog that I subscribe to & follow on Facebook, "The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy", that is having an awesome giveaway right now. She's partnered with Tide and Downy to give away an "ENTIRE YEAR of both Tide with Acti-Lift and Ultra Downy (12 coupons for FREE Tide and 12 coupons for FREE Downy)!!"

I would sooooo love to win this one. I use many different brands of laundry care (depending, of course, on sales and coupons) but I am always happy when the sales and coupons mean I get to stock up on my Original Scent Tide and April Fresh Downy!

Go here to read here post on the Tide Loads of Hope program and for instructions to enter the giveaway. Good Luck (but I'm secretly hoping I win & you don't LOL!!

Important information - This giveaway doesn't end until September 20th.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My CVS Trip 8/21/10

I do love it when you go in & everything works out like you planned, or in this case, even better. I did 4 transactions, the last transaction was because they only had 3 bags of the Emerald glazed nuts that were BOGO and I forgot to ask before I started how they would handle that extra bag.

I started with $3 EB.

Transaction #1
3 candy bars, 50¢ each
1 gallon milk, $2.79
2 John Frieda Root Awakening Products, $5.00 each
1 John Frieda Frizz Ease Product, $5.00
2 Sobe Life Water, BOGO, $2.19
2 Bags Emerald Glazed Nuts, BOGO, $2.99
1 travel size CVS baby wipes, 99¢ (because I spilled something all over my top
right before I came in LOL)
Coupons used:
$5 off $25 (email coupon)
(1) BOGO Sobe water
(2) $3.00 John Frieda Root Awakening
(1) $2.00 John Frieda (the JF coupons were the old ones that expired that night,
but there were new ones in the inserts Sunday 8/22)
(2) $1.00 Emerald Nut
$3.00 EB
Total OOP (including 95¢ tax) = $6.22
Got back $5 EB for buying $15 of John Frieda products & $1 EB for buying milk.

Transaction #2
1 bottle Blink Tears Gel Eye Drops, $7.99
Coupons used:
$1.50 Blink Tears (printable)
$5 & $1 EB
Total OOP (including 48¢ tax) = 97¢
Got back $7.99 EB

Transaction #3
3 candy bars, 50¢ each
2 Breathsavers mints, $1.99 each
6 Smart Water, $1.00 each
3 Vitamin Water, $1.00 each
2 Listerine Total Care, Cinnamint Flavor, $1.24 each (clearance find!)
Coupons used:
$5 off $15 (printed last week from the nice coupon machine)
(2) $1.00 off wyb 3 Smart Water & another item (recent tearpads at CVS)
(2) $1.00 Listerine Total Care (various inserts this year)
$7.99 EB
Total OOP (including 40¢ tax) = 37¢
Got back $4.00 EB for buying 2 bottles Listerine Total Care and $5 EB for buying 10 Smart Water/ Vitamin Water (I had purchased one Smart Water earlier in the day for my son who was going to the park for a birthday party.)

Transaction #4
1 bag Emerald Glazed Nuts, $2.99, BOGO
Coupons used:
$1.50 deducted as CVS coupon for the BOGO sale
(1) $1.00 Emerald Nut coupon
Total OOP (including 18¢ tax) = 67¢

So I started the night with $3 EB, spent a total of $8.23 OOP and ended with $9 EB. It seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Awesome Deal at CVS!

I had a great CVS (Southside) trip Saturday night! I'll give you all the details later, but here's one to be on the lookout for. Listerine Total Care is on sale (I think $3.99) and producing $2 eb this week and there are several $1.00 coupons out there. That's not the best part though; I found the Cinnamint flavor clearance tagged for $1.24 and it is producing the $2 eb. That makes it 24 cents plus tax (after $1.00 coupon) to get back $2! Limit of 2 per household so keep your eyes open. Just for the record, there were still a few on the shelf after I got my 2 Saturday night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giveaway at Who Said Nothing in Life is Free

One of my favorite blogs, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free, has a giveaway (sponsored by Blog Spark) going on. One lucky reader will get a General Mills/ Box Tops for Education prize pack as well as a $25 Target Gift Card. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner... Or maybe you will - just go here to enter!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm sitting in my home, at my computer, online... Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why We Love Kroger!

So Tuesday afternoon when I ran in Kroger to do my last P&G transaction (the one I didn't blog because I don't have the receipt with me LOL), I discovered Nature Valley Granola Bars & Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks on clearance. Hello? Can you say brand new Mega Event? Tuesday is our overlap day - new sales starting Wednesday have usually started and sales ending Tuesday are still good. So after I stocked up on P&G, Nature Valley and Fruit Snacks (for the almost-4-year-old daughter of the best couponing buddy ever!) I called & texted the aforementioned buddy so she could stop by after work and get even more...

So here's her trip:

8 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $1.29 each
- (3) 50 cent Shortcuts & Cellfire ecoupons
- (4) 50 cents off 2 coupons (doubled)

1 Speedstick deodorant, 88 cents
- (1) 50 coupon (doubled)

- $4.00 Mega Event Savings
- 44 cents Senior Discount (we don't know why she gets it, but she does)

Mfg Coupon Savings $4.00
Bonus Cpn Savings $2.50
Kroger Plus Savings $5.25
Total Savings (97 pct) $11.75

Total spent - 25 cents!

She said the guy that rang up her order was just about speechless when he looked at the total and told her what it was!

Yup, this is why we love Kroger: Clearance + Mega Events + e-coupons + coupons + double coupons...

One Small Kroger Trip

I actually made another trip and did another P & G transaction with 8 items, and a couple of General Mills transactions but didn't take pictures & don't have the receipts with me. So I'm just posting this one for now.

2 Fusion HydraGel, $2.44 each
1 Herbal Essences Shampoo, $2.99
1 Aussie Mousse, $2.99

(2) $1.00 Fusion q
Buy HE or Aussie product, get HE or Aussie Styling product free
(all from this month's P & G insert)

The cashier put the BOGO coupon through at $3.69.

Total including tax $1.58

This Week at Walgreens

So hopefully I will have internet at home Monday, but for now I'm at the library without my receipts for the totals for each trip/transaction. So, I'll put the picture up and list the prices for each item.

U by Kotex Tampons
on sale $3.50 each
minus $2.00/1 Store Q (August booklet)
minus $1.00/1 Q (8/1 SS)
50 cents each

Dial Body Wash
on sale $3.99 each, get $3 RR
minus $1.00 printable
$2.99 each, get back $3 RR

Nivea Body Wash
For Women, on sale BOGO $5.00
used $4.00/2 printable
Men's $4.99 & $5.99
used B2 Women's get Men's free (7/25 RP)
$2.65 - $2.71 (including tax) for 3 bottles

Secret Smoothing Expressions
On clearance $2.29, Get $3 RR

Notepads, on sale 19 cents each

Moisturizing socks, used "Free after RR" raincheck
They actually price adjust them to a penny so they don't have to have a supervisor override. Works for me!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have My Fingers Crossed...

Looks like we should have internet at home sometime in the next few weeks providing everything goes well. Please let the telephone company not have any issues when they get there to install it!

Once that happens I hope to be able to stay on top of the deals much better and blog much more often again - Here's hoping!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

More CVS Clearance Deals!

Stopped in Mayfield CVS this morning and hit the clearance jackpot there too!

3 boxes Tampax, $2.00 ea
4 Aveeno body wash, $2.00 ea
also purchased
1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste $3.50
1 pkg peanut butter & cracker (needed breakfast)59¢

(3) $1.00 Tampax, 5/2 PG
(3) $1.00 Aveeno coupons, 4/25 SS
(2) $2.00/2 Body Wash or Bar Soap, CVS coupons recently printed when I scanned my card
$5.00 EB

Total OOP (including tax) $3.39

Received $3.50 EB for the Crest

Awesome CVS Trip!

Stopped in CVS (Southside) last night and hit the clearance big time!

2 Revlon blowdryers - one for me, one for my mom, $3.49 ea
2 Revlon Colorstay lipglaze, $2.25 ea
2 Aveeno Body Cream, 99¢ ea
1 got2be curling spray 62¢ ea

(2) $2.00 Revlon Color Cosmetics
(2) $1.00 Any Aveeno product, price adjusted second coupon to 98¢
CVS Store Coupon printed recently when I scanned my card - $4.00/2 any Revlon lip or eye cosmetic item

Total OOP (including tax) $4.94

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kmart - So Far, So Good...

I keep reading about all the problems people are having with their Kmart stores and the super doubles and have to say that the 2 trips I've made to Paducah Kmart have been so great! Sunday night I stopped in and checked at customer service & the lady working explained it to me so nicely and then I had very smooth transactions checking out.

Last night when I checked out the cashier was just amazed that the coupons were doubling so he showed the lady who was coming to relieve him so he could take his break and she was amazed too. I did think it was kind of sad that their cashiers hadn't been educated on the promotion; however, they were both very nice and thought it was great that I saved so much. I'm really hoping that the rest of the week works this well.

On a non-coupon-related note, I also had a great response from the lady at the service desk last night. I had to do a return for my mother and the lone person working the service desk was swamped so I wandered through the bedding while I was waiting for it to slow down. When I finally went back and she asked how everything was I mentioned that I had just found a comforter set on sale but was disappointed they were out of the size I needed and she said no problem, I'll just give you a rain check on it. LOL, I hadn't even thought about being able to get a rain check, I was just disappointed that they were out of mine!

K-Mart Monday Night

I did a transaction on my card and one on my mother's card (this was all her stuff, paid for with her money, so for those who have ethical issues with the use of more than one card to get around the 5 per day limit - it wasn't for me!).

Her transaction:

120 load bottle Downy, $9.00
55 load box Tide, $9.00
Oral-B Advantage toothbrush, $2.79
30 oz bottle Dawn, $3.50
Febreze Air Effects, $2.50

$1.00 Downy, 4/4 PG
$1.00 Tide, 4/4 PG
$2.00 Oral-B, 4/4 PG
.50 Dawn, 4/4 PG
$1.00 Febreze Air Effects, Dress My Nest? booklet - don't remember if that's what the most recent coupon booklet in the mail is called or not...

All the coupons doubled, except the Oral-B which just gave and extra 79 cents to make it free.

So the total was $18.35 and she will submit for the $10.00 Mastercard. She's pretty happy with that.

For my transaction I still hadn't gotten all my coupons together, so here's what I got:

1 tube Clearasil (son just told me Sunday he needed some), $4.49
3 boxes Hartz dog biscuits, $3.99 each
2 Whiskas cat food trays, .59 each

$2.00 Clearasil printable
(3) $2.00 Hartz printables
BOGO Whiskas printable (printed previously on

Total: $1.03

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kmart Super Doubles are Here!

Stopped by last night after church to make sure that Paducah is participating; also made my husband go with me & use his card! Don't have the receipts in front of me so I'll just list the items I (we) bought.

St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub, $3.32
used $1.50 coupon from 3/21 SS
Final price 32 cents plus tax

Loreal Everpure Hair Masque
Loreal Everpure Anti Frizz Serum
On sale for $4.50 each
used $2.00 coupons from 3/21 RP
Final price 50 cents plus tax

Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster Packs, $6.19
used $2.00 coupons from ???
Final price $2.19 plus tax

Whiskas Cat Food Trays, $.59
used BOGO coupons, 3/28 RP
Final price - Free (plus tax)!

I'm definitely planning to get my coupons together and stop in several times this week. Even with the 5 coupons per day limit I think I can make it work (especially when hubby goes too).

I Love CVS Clearance!

So, I ran into CVS this week to grab a couple of things and just "happened" to check their clearance. So glad I did since they had 2 boxes of Olay Regenerist marked down. So here's what I left with:

(2) Olay Regenerist, $7.49
used (2) $3.00 coupons

Olay Body Wash, $7.49
used Buy Regenerist, get Body Wash Free coupon

Olay Lotion, $8.99
used Buy Regenerist, get Lotion Free coupon

also used $5 off $25 coupon and either $2 or $3 EB - I just don't remember and don't have my receipt with me!

Total OOP $2.57, and got back my EB earned for last quarter's spending!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walgreens - Saturday 3/13

Had such a good trip to Walgreens! I went in to get toothbrushes, Nestle Crunch & John Frieda Hair products - quite the combination. Since the hubby & son were with me I also ended up getting a couple of clearance items. Here's what I left with:

6 Nestle Crunch Candy Bars @ 2/$1.59
- (6) BOGO coupons, rang in at 89¢ each
- Walgreens in-ad coupon, deducted $1.83

6 pkgs Reach toothbrushes 3/$9.00; these were the single toothbrushes that were on sale but all six packages I picked up were specially marked packages with an extra brush so I got 12 toothbrushes
- (3) $1.00 coupons
- (3) BOGO coupons, rang in at $3.00 each
- Walgreens in-ad coupon, deducted $10.02

2 John Frieda Shampoo, $5.99 each
1 John Frieda Conditioner, $5.99
- (3) $3.00 coupons
- Walgreens in-ad coupon, deducted $6.00

6 Nestle Crunch Ice Cream bars, clearance 40¢ ea

1 pkg Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate squares, clearance 99¢

The total was at $46.35 before she starting ringing in the coupons -

Total spent $4.83

I love trips like this!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kmart Super Doubles - I'm Sooo Excited!

So, after hearing that Kmart Super Doubles were coming next month, but knowing that our Kmart hasn't participated the last several times it was going on, I emailed Kmart yesterday. Here's the response I received...

"Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event. We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 4/4-4/10. All of our KY stores are participating in the current event EXCEPT the following stores:

Below are the details of the promotion:

-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value – Doubled up to $2 no matter what the retail price of a single item is.

-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons

-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons

-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.

-First 5 coupons provided by customer will be doubled.

Thank you for contacting us and have a nice day."

YES! We are participating; I have to admit I'm very excited! I may have to make a trip to Kmart to scope out possible deals.

Monday, February 1, 2010

CVS & Rainchecks

I love that CVS gives rainchecks, but what I really love is that when you have a raincheck for an item that was giving Extra Bucks, the computer rounds up to the next whole dollar. In December, CVS had ThermaCare wraps for $2.49 (which is the regular price) get $2.49 EB. Naturally, they were out every time I looked that week, so I got a rain check. As I'm redeeming part of the rain check last Saturday, I bought two of the wraps and ended up with (2) $3.00 EB. How awesome!

Saturday Night at CVS...

Because isn't that the happening place on Saturday night? Here's the thing, we were almost out of Cokes & we are (ok, some of us are) addicted to Cokes, so this is not a good situation. However, I refused to by them until our CVS started this week's sale. So, off to CVS for our 7 cartons of Coke products...

6 cartons of Coca-Cola
1 carton Nestea Iced Tea

(1) $1.00/2 "peelie" coupon (my mother found them when she was buying Vanilla Cokes at Super Valu recently & made sure she only got the cartons with the coupons)
(4) $1.00 coupons from Recycle Bank
$13.00 EB

$5.21 OOP

$10.00 EB

I just love it when these trips work the way I plan!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I finally had a "real" grocery trip again....

Real as in I managed to get my list & coupons somewhat organized! And it felt soooo good! Wasn't my best Kroger trip ever, but it was $105.38 before coupons and $53.07 after so I was feeling pretty good, especially since part of it was for my mother so after she paid me I only ended up with $43.07 OOP. Thought I still had my receipt in my purse so I could post it while I'm online here at the library :), but apparently not - LOL. Will try to post it soon. I may also have another trip to post since I'm planning to make a run later this evening, which could be very interesting because the stores have been swamped because of our current Winter Storm Warning.... So excited - We may actually get enough snow to make snow cream!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Very Small Walgreens Trip Today

I am very brand-loyal when it comes to peanut butter and Walgreen's has it for $2.00 this week. So, I stopped on the way here to see if they had any left, especially the crunchy kind since my son goes through it like crazy. One jar of crunchy left on the shelf so I grabbed it and a jar of regular and was going to check out when the light bulb went off in my head.

2 jars peanut butter = $4.00, or

2 tubes Neosporin Lip Health, $8.48 (inlcuding tax) minus (2) $3.00 coupons = $2.48 and get back $3 RR, then a second transaction with 2 jars of peanut butter for $4.00 minus $3 RR.

So instead of 2 jars peanut butter for $4.00, I spent a total of $3.48 and got the peanut butter AND 2 tubes of Neosporin Lip Health. BTW, I've tried the tubes and the overnight treatment in the little jars and I really like both of them so I'm trying to stock up!

New Year's Eve at Kroger...

Isn't that where everybody wants to be? I went to take advantage of the P&G sale with the coupons I had expiring that night. I've been meaning to blog it ever since but I keep forgetting to bring my Kroger receipt so I'm trying to do it from memory so I'm sure to forget something (inlcuding prices)... Here goes...

2 Gillette Body Wash
2 Gillette Shave Foam
16 (3-bar) pkg Ivory Soap
1 Herbal Essence Shampoo
1 Pantene Conditioner
1 (9 Mega Roll) pkg Charmin
4 Olay Body Wash
3 Olay In-Shower Body Lotion
1 Olay Quench Lotion (will do mail-in rebate on this as well)
2 cans Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (I was making spagetti for
I think that's all; I do remember that the item count was just over 30, and this list is 33 items so it should be about right.

Coupons used
(2) $1.00 Gillette Body Wash
(2) $1.00 Gillette Shave Prep
(16) $1.00 Ivory Soap
Free Herbal Essence from Facebook from a few months ago
$2.00 Pantene from Vocalpoint
(4) Buy Olay Body Wash get Body Lotion Free
50¢/2 Crescent Rolls, doubled to $1.00

Since my total on P&G products was over $75.00 before coupons, I got $15 off instantly in addition to my coupons. I love these sales!

Total Spent $27.14, it was a seventy-something percent savings so I felt pretty good about it, especially considering how little time I have to stay organized with my couponing right now.

Getting closer....

Work on the new (ok, new to us but older than both of us) house is moving along, thanks largely to my very handy dad and some very generous friends! I'm so ready to be settled in and have internet access where I live instead of having to come to the library. My couponing is suffering; I'm finding it so much harder to stay organized when I can't hop online to check on things and don't have a lot of time to come to the library :(

But, we are much closer & it's starting to actually look like a house we might want to live in at some point! Hopefully, once I'm able to get back into the couponing groove and start blogging I'll still have a few readers!