Friday, October 2, 2009

Making Money on Theraflu at Walgreens!

Went to Southside Walgreens yesterday and used the two $2 Theraflu coupons I was able to print when they were available. When you pair these with the $2 Theraflu coupons in the Healthy Savings booklet (store coupons) you make money! I love it when they pay me to get products I need anyway!

Theraflu on sale for 2/$8.00
-(2) $2.00 mfg coupons
-$2.00 store coupon (takes off $2.00 for each one you buy = $4.00)
= you pay tax!

and when you buy 2 Theraflu for $8.00, you get $4.00 in RR. I've also heard that if you buy 3 Theraflu you get $8.00 in RR, but I wasn't thinking very clearly yesterday so I only bought the two that I had mfg coupons for. If you do get $8.00 RR wyb 3, then you can make money with just the store coupons. Buy 3 for $12.00, use the store coupon to get $6.00 off & get back $8.00 RR. Hmmm, think I may stop by Wags again!

FYI - I didn't have the Healthy Savings coupon booklet before I went yesterday, but they had them on the glass counter/ perfume case at the cosmetics counter, so now I have one!

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