Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Airwick i-Motions at Walgreens This Week...

Saw this on Who Said Nothing in Life Is Free and checked on the prices at the Mayfield Walgreens this afternoon. The Compact Airwick i-Motions as well as the Scented Oil i-Motions are in the 50% off sale this week making them $3.99. There were $4.00 coupons for these in the 9/13 & 10/11 Smart Source inserts. Since there is a whole penny overage here the coupons will beep, so you will have to have a cashier that can adjust the coupon down. I didn't try it in Mayfield today because I was using a store coupon for another item that would need to be adjusted down and I didn't know how that would work. I didn't want to push my luck...LOL

If anyone has tried to use the $4.00 Airwick coupons, please leave a comment letting me know which store you were shopping in and whether or not the cashier was able to adjust it.

Now to the store coupon - I was using the $2.00 Triaminic coupon from the Healthy Savings booklet on three bottles of Triaminic I found on clearance. I had seen this post on Who Said Nothing in Life is Free earlier today that some Walgreens had Triaminic Bubble Gum flavor Flu Cough & Fever on clearance for $3.74 & it was triggering the $8.00 RR for buying three Triaminic or Theraflu. So, when I looked on the clearance shelf and they had three (and only three) bottles for $1.62 each I decided to give it a try. It worked! I didn't use a manufacturer's coupon and the store coupon automatically adjusted down to the purchase price so there was no issue with it. For the price of the tax on $4.86 I got back $8 RR - woo hoo!

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