Friday, September 18, 2009

Wal-Mart 9/16

So here's the deal; I have tried many face washes that I've gotten free or close to free. But, there's one that Olay makes that works better than anything else and the only place to buy it in this area is Wal-Mart - who knew! Also, there were some very, very sad looking men's underwear that kept showing up in my laundry basket - so, off to Wally World... Looking for my receipt; not having much luck so I'm doing this from memory.

5 lb frozen Jennie-O turkey, $7.60
used (5) $1.00 coupons

1 bag Banquet Chicken Nuggets, $3.98
used $1.00 coupon

1 box Mrs Paul's Fish Sticks, $4.56
used $3.00 printable coupon, no longer available

1 tube Olay Face Wash, $4.97
used $1.00 coupon

1 bag cotton balls, 97¢

1 pkg (8 pr) men's underwear - not gonna tell you which one it was for, but it had been put off as long as possible...LOL, $10.00

1 pkg Oreos, $2.78

1 bag Flamin Hot Cheetos, $2.50

I looked at the Oreos because I was having major chocolate withdrawals but I wouldn't buy them (no coupons - knew they were on sale at Kroger) so my son, who wanted Flamin Hot Cheetos that weren't on sale, paid $5.00 to cover the cost of the Cheetos & Oreos. Well, it helped keep my OOP down!

Total $28.32, my OOP $23.32

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