Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Week = Less Shopping

Which should equal less money spent but I don't think that's how it's gonna work this week. Hmmm...

Our church has been having revival services and since I do play the piano I figured that meant I should Leave the house around 7:30 am, take my son to school, go to work, pick him up between 3:50 & 4:00 (usually), come home, supper, shower, get ready & be at church by 6:45ish, home between 8 & 8:30... Dishes, laundry, etc., etc.... Did I mention that I'm no longer that girl that can go non-stop on 5 (or fewer) hours of sleep. Nope, I need my 7 or 8 hours, especially since it's allergy season and allergy meds just wipe me out.

But here's what I've managed to spend so far this week anyway!

So far the only time I've been to Kroger was on my way home from BAM after picking up newspapers Sunday afternoon. Think I spend around $5 or $6 but I'll have to find my receipt to make sure. See post here.

Stopped at Save A Lot as I passed by for a gallon of milk - $2.88 - Yikes! But is was worth the convenience this week.

Tuesday - Nothing

Quick run in Hobby Lobby for a couple of things to finish a purse I'm making for my mother - $2.89

Wally World - $23.32; I'll post details later - let's just say this trip had been postponed as long as possible.

Goodwill - Pink zippered 3" binder, 73¢ after tax - Yay!!!!! I've been wanting a zippered binder for my coupons so I'm pretty happy about this

Thursday - Super Valu - Milk $1.77

Needing to get a few groceries, working out my list and coupon match-ups so I can (hopefully) get everything I need done tomorrow; we'll see how that goes.

Update - Friday 9/18 - 10:20 pm. Linked the Kroger and Wal-mart trips above to the post I just did for them.

Also, posted my Kroger runs for today - OOP $18.67

Weekly total - $54.15, but once again I purchased something that's not frequently in the budget (you can tell by the extra holes in the Fruit of the Looms that were in my laundry that I don't buy them often...LOL)

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