Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Do YOU Buy Your Papers?

I buy mine at Books-a-Million on Sundays because they have a choice of:
Chicago Tribune, $1.79
The Tennessean, $1.75
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, $1.50
Also, if you have a Books-a-Million Discount card, you do receive 10% off the price of your newspapers. I just haven't had the $20 to spend at one time to purchase one, so my husband and son bought me one (along with a gift card) for my birthday last week - Awesome!

Books-a-Million works pretty well for me, but what if you live too far away to run to Paducah on Sundays just for newspapers? What do you buy and where do you find them? Inquiring minds really want to know - Please leave comments!

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Amanda said...

I live in Paducah and I buy mine at BAM as well. I also buy the Southern Illinoisan- Carbondale paper.