Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kroger Trip 8/28

My mother & I each needed a few things so I made a trip to Kroger yesterday. My family are big bread eaters so I'm trying to make sure I get as many crescent rolls as we will eat before the expiration date. Also needed to get a cake mix to make my son's birthday cake this weekend and was wanting a few items (okay, junk food) for quick lunches at home, and some flavored water for my son to take in his school lunch. Here's what I got.

6 roll pack Viva paper towels, $5.99
-$1.00 coupon, no idea where my mom got

1 box Surf laundry detergent, $3.99
-$3.00 coupon, USA Weekend 8/16

2 pouches Old El Paso Mexican rice, $1.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-60¢/2 cellfire e-coupon

1 box Betty Crocker potatoes, $1.49
Mega 10 item
-40¢ cellfire e-coupon

10 cans Green Giant vegetables, $1.25 ea
Mega 10 item

4 Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
- 50¢ coupon (x4), & SS 8/9
-50¢ doubled coupon (x4)
-50¢ (x2) Shortcuts e-coupon

2 pouches Starkist Tuna, $1.00 ea
-50¢ coupon (x2), here
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)

8 bottles Propel water, 99 ¢
Mega 10 item
-55¢ coupon
-44¢ bonus (instead of full double)

1 bag Nature Valley Granola Clusters, $2.49
Mega 10 item
-$1.00 coupon,
-$1.00 cellfire e-coupon

2 Hormel Compleats, $2.00 ea
-75¢ coupon, SS 7/12
-B1G1 coupon, August All You

1 Devil's Food Duncan Hines Cake Mix, $1.67
No sale, no coupon, but this is our preferred cake & it is my son's birthday

12 can Crescent Rolls, $1.49/ea
Mega 10 item
-50¢/2 coupon (x6),
-50¢ doubled coupon (x6)
*here's my disclaimer for these - not all of these were mine, some were for my mother, some were for a dinner tomorrow; thank goodness for access to multiple

1 box Monistat 3, clearance $3.75 each
-$3.50 coupon, (don't remember what insert)

3-pack Ivory Soap, $1.00
no coupon, not on sale but this is what my husband uses & no matter how much I try to buy I can't seem to create a stockpile...LOL

2 Carmex, $1.00 ea
-$1.00 printable coupon (can't find the link)

4 King Size Reeses Cups, $1.00 ea
-55¢ coupon (x4) SS 8/23
-45¢ bonus (x4) instead of full double

1 dozen Kroger large eggs, $1.26
-$1.26 Kroger home mailer coupon (Thanks Penny!)

1 pint Kroger chocolate milk, markdown 69¢
I was thirsty!

2-liter Mountain Dew $1.25
Mega-10 item

Burt's Bees Lip Balm, $2.99
-$2.99 Free BB Lip Balm coupon, promotion ended

3 cantaloupes, 99¢ ea produce markdown

2 bags Totino's pizza rolls, $2.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-55¢/2 coupon,
-55¢ doubled coupon
-55¢ Shortcuts e-coupons

Mrs. Paul's Fish Fillets, $5.99
- $3.00 coupon,

Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks, $5.99
- $3.00 coupon,

2 boxes Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
-55¢/2 coupon,
-55¢ doubled coupon
-55¢ cellfire e-coupon

1 pair swimming goggles, $2.50 clearance
my son always seems to need new ones every year, so this is a good price

1 lb Land o' Frost Brown Sugar Ham, $3.99
-55¢/coupon, insert unknown (it was expiring this weekend)
-55¢ doubled coupon

Here's a shock - I ended up with 43 Mega Event items instead of just 40...LOL. I always lose track but I don't mind as long as it's just a few extra instead of being one short! It still comes out to 46.5¢ per item.

Mfg Cpn Savings $39.59
Bonus Cpn Savings $12.97
Kroger Plus Savings $63.32
Total Savings (71%) $115.88

So my total was $46.31 (including 92¢ tax) for 68 items. That's 68¢ per item so I think I'm still okay!


Annette said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!!

Nice Kroger run there!! We just moved from Atlanta to Charleston and there are no Krogers here...oh, how I miss it!!

And about that laundry...mmmhmmm. Just finally dried a load that had been re-washed (no joke!) FOUR times!

Mommy-Wise said...

Good job!! Keep up the good work!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!! ;oD