Monday, August 31, 2009

CVS Trip 8/30

Had fun at the CVS in Lone Oak yesterday afternoon. Went in looking for little junk (you know, that kind that would be stocking stuffers at Christmas) for my son's 15th - wow, still can't believe that my baby is a sophomore - birthday today. Of course while I was there I figured I should snag some of the sale items too :)

I was really hoping for a backpack to use for a gift bag, since their backpacks are 25% off and he could use a new one, but no luck. Oh well, they had just marked their summer stuff 75% off yesterday - woo hoo!

Transaction #1

1 tempered glass cutting board, clearance $1.50 (don't know if I'll use it or keep it for a Christmas present; I'm torn right
1 suction cut basketball hoop with 3 ping-pong ball sized basketballs, clearance 99¢
1 small battery-operated lantern, clearance $1.25
1 sports watch, clearance $4.99
1 grip it can cooler (as a matter of fact, the world does revolve around me), clearance 49¢
1 pair Speedo swim goggles, clearance $2.75
1 king-size Reeses cup, $1.00 used 55¢ coupon from SS 8/23
1 Glade diffuser, $6.99 used $3.00 coupon from August All You magazine
1 Sensodyne Isoactive toothpaste, $4.99 used $1.00 printable from
1 Tide Stain Release, $3.99 used $1.50 coupon from recent magazine (BH & G I think)
1 birthday card, 99¢

used $4 off $20 from Readyfill booklet
used $10 eb, $6.99 eb, $1.98 eb
paid $2.47 cash

got back $6.99 eb from Glade, $1.00 eb from Tide, $3.00 eb from Sensodyne

Transaction #2
2 sets of outdoor lights (little paper lanterns - so cute - I've been wanting some for a while), clearance $2.49 each

used $1.00 and $3.00 eb from previous transaction
paid $1.28 cash

I'm now left with only $16.99 in eb (one $10 & one $6.99); I feel so poor, but there is a $3.00 eb floating around for my husband's card (I'll post that trip from yesterday in a little while) so I guess I will survive...LOL

I'm so glad that I had saved up some extra bucks because I have done a few more transactions with them in the last few days getting small birthday presents since we really didn't have the money to do much else right now. He's a pretty good kid and appreciates all the little stuff so he'll be happy with a gift bag full of it & the $10 mountain bike we found him online. (Of course, we've already done his birthday with my parents and brother; my good friend has already given him his card from them so he's doing pretty well with the cash & gift cards right now

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