Monday, August 31, 2009

CVS Trip 8/30 - Hubby's Card

I don't use his card all that much, but he got coupons in his email & I didn't so I decided to do a transaction on his.

1 Gillette Fusion Razor, $8.99 used $2.00 coupon RP 8/16
1 bottle Gillette Body Wash, $3.99 used buy razor get shampoo free coupon from P&G 8/2 (I'll explain this mix-up at the end)
1 bottle Sea Breeze, $2.99 used $1.00 coupon from All You
1 pkg Chewy Spree, 50¢ thought I was going to go negative & my son likes these
1 can Edge Infused Shaving Gel, $3.29 used $2.00 email coupon
1.5 oz pkg Gold Emblem cashews, 99¢ used email coupon for free nuts or hand soap. There was a nice bonus with this; the hand soap is $1.69, the nuts were 99¢ and the coupon was automatically ringing up $1.69. I didn't know until I got to the register that I was getting 70¢ overage just for buying the nuts!

used $4 off $20 from Readyfill booklet and $6.99 eb
paid $3.93 cash

I thought this total was about $4.00 off since I had figured I would go negative so I stopped before I went out the door and looked at my receipt, and sure enough the $3.99 for the body wash hadn't come off. I knew I had watched here key in the coupon & write the amount on the coupon so since there were no customers waiting I went back & asked. When she pulled out the coupon & we looked I realized that I had picked up the wrong item. I had intended to pick up the body wash that is 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, but I had picked up the wrong item so I wasn't going to worry about it; after all, it was MY fault! (note: I have used the buy one item, get shampoo free on a 2 in 1 before because it is shampoo as well as body wash)

The cashier was so nice and said that was fine, it was an honest mistake and since she couldn't get it to take the coupon without redoing the whole thing, she just refunded the $3.99 plus tax. So I paid $3.93 cash, but she refunded me $4.23.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to the CVS stores in Paducah, because we have some really nice cashiers who don't complain when you do multiple transaction and are willing to do much more than is required to fix MY mistakes!

Everything in this transaction except the Sea Breeze will be going in my son's birthday gift bag. I know a razor might not sound like a birthday present, but it will be his very own razor instead of having to use whatever disposable I got free, and it's the "gamer" version so it's different than just the regular razor (not sure how other than the color, but whatever!)


pjrj68 said...

Can't believe he needs a razor much less has his own. Doesn't seem right!

*Mandy said...

I went to cvs yesterday. Also another good deal is the Aquafresh & Sensodyne toothpaste. Since it doesn't come quite to $10 (so i could use my $2/10 readyfill oral coupon) I bought the act mouthwash also. You will pay less than $3 and get back $7 in ecb. And I love love love the CVS's in paducah. They are awesome!!!!