Monday, August 31, 2009

My Free Loaf of Bread Cost $31.18

Had to run into town this afternoon; we needed a decongestant & Sam's Club has the best price I've found on what we take.

Anyway, thought I'd run into Kroger and get a loaf of Wonder Bread since we were out of bread. Stopped in Park Avenue, but they were out of the bread that was on sale. However, while I was there I did hit the meat and produce markdowns and get 6 bags of the Hefty One Zip freezer bags that are in the 10 for $10 sale. Spent $12.22, not bad for everything I got, only saved 56% since it was mostly meat & produce...oh well...

Then, since I still needed bread and wanted to run in Walgreens to see what deals I could use my friends and family discount card on I decided to run to Hannan Plaza. Went in Kroger first; decided to skip Wags altogether today...LOL

Here's the Hannan Plaza Kroger list:

2 pouches BumbleBee Tuna, $1.00 ea
-50¢ (x2) catalinas I received the last 2 trips when I bought Starkist pouches
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)

4 Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
- 50¢ coupon (x4), & SS 8/9
-50¢ doubled coupon (x4)
-50¢ (x2) Shortcuts e-coupon
-50¢ (x2) cellfire e-coupon

2 Fruit two oh water, $1.00 each
-$1.00 coupon (x2) SS 8/23

3 cans Dole Pineapple Juice, $2.69
- 50¢ coupon (x3) don't remember what insert, bought these from The Coupon Clippers
- 50¢ doubled coupon (x3)

5 bags Kraft 2% Naturals Cheese, $2.00 ea
- 50¢ coupon (x5), tearpad found in Park Ave Kroger a couple of months ago, expiring today
- 50¢ doubled coupon (x5)

4 cans Crescent Rolls, $1.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-50¢/2 coupon (x2),
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)
-50¢ Shortcuts e-coupon

2 pkg Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies, $2.79 ea
Mega 10 item
-1.00/2 coupon,

2 Gillette Fusion Razors, $4.29 ea, clearance
-$2.00 coupon (x2), RP 8/16
-$1.00 P & G e-coupon

1 Gillette Body Wash, $3.99
-$3.99, buy razor get BW free, PG 8/2
-$1.00 P & G e-coupon

1 Gillette Shampoo, $3.89
-$3.89, buy razor get shampoo free, PG 8/2
-$1.00 P & G e-coupon

1 box Ritz Crackers, $2.50
-$1.00 printable, from way back in May or June, expiring today

1 box Wheat Thins, $3.00
-$3.00, buy Ritz get Wheat Thins free, tearpad from Wal-Mart several months ago

1 loaf Wonder Bread, $1.00
-55¢ coupon,
-45¢ bonus (instead of full double)

The only e-coupon I had figured in was one of the Warm Delights, I used my hubby's card because I couldn't find the keyring I keep all my cards on (probably somewhere in the bottom of my purse), but I didn't think it still had so many loaded on it and I had completely forgotten about the P & G e-coupons, so my ending total was several dollars less than I had figured - What a nice surprise!

Mfg Cpn Savings $32.93
Bonus Cpn Savings $8.45
Kroger Plus Savings $21.55
Total Savings (77%) $62.93

I'd like to say I don't think we need more canned bread, but I have to admit there's a distinct possibility I'll run in tomorrow for more before the sales ends. We love the crescent rolls and I was raised to think there should be bread with every meal...LOL Plus, they make really good pigs in a blanket with hot dogs, cinnamon bread, okay getting hungry...

Printable Coupons has a coupon for 55 on Wonder Bread. I just printed it and it expires September 15th, but since Wonder Sandwich Bread is $1.00 at Kroger right now it's FREE BREAD!

I also noticed when I got on this morning that the Kellogg's & General Mills coupons appear to have reset - it let me print some that were showing print limit reached!

Go here to print a $1.00 coupon for Caress Bar Soap or Body Wash. It is also a link to an instant win game for a $100 Caress gift card - wouldn't that be fun to win!

P & G Coupons - Promotion with Save-a-Lot

Go here to sign up for a Proctor & Gamble coupon booklet. Since this is a promotion with Save-a-Lot I don't know if it's manufacturer's coupons or store coupons, but since I drive past a Save-a-Lot at least 4 days a week, it can't hurt to sign up.

After signing up, I got this message:
"Thank you for signing up to receive your $15 value coupon book from Procter & Gamble®. You should receive your coupon book in 3 - 4 weeks via U.S. Mail.

Shop Save-A-Lot for your favorite brands at great everyday savings."

Thanks Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free

CVS Trip 8/30 - Hubby's Card

I don't use his card all that much, but he got coupons in his email & I didn't so I decided to do a transaction on his.

1 Gillette Fusion Razor, $8.99 used $2.00 coupon RP 8/16
1 bottle Gillette Body Wash, $3.99 used buy razor get shampoo free coupon from P&G 8/2 (I'll explain this mix-up at the end)
1 bottle Sea Breeze, $2.99 used $1.00 coupon from All You
1 pkg Chewy Spree, 50¢ thought I was going to go negative & my son likes these
1 can Edge Infused Shaving Gel, $3.29 used $2.00 email coupon
1.5 oz pkg Gold Emblem cashews, 99¢ used email coupon for free nuts or hand soap. There was a nice bonus with this; the hand soap is $1.69, the nuts were 99¢ and the coupon was automatically ringing up $1.69. I didn't know until I got to the register that I was getting 70¢ overage just for buying the nuts!

used $4 off $20 from Readyfill booklet and $6.99 eb
paid $3.93 cash

I thought this total was about $4.00 off since I had figured I would go negative so I stopped before I went out the door and looked at my receipt, and sure enough the $3.99 for the body wash hadn't come off. I knew I had watched here key in the coupon & write the amount on the coupon so since there were no customers waiting I went back & asked. When she pulled out the coupon & we looked I realized that I had picked up the wrong item. I had intended to pick up the body wash that is 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, but I had picked up the wrong item so I wasn't going to worry about it; after all, it was MY fault! (note: I have used the buy one item, get shampoo free on a 2 in 1 before because it is shampoo as well as body wash)

The cashier was so nice and said that was fine, it was an honest mistake and since she couldn't get it to take the coupon without redoing the whole thing, she just refunded the $3.99 plus tax. So I paid $3.93 cash, but she refunded me $4.23.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to the CVS stores in Paducah, because we have some really nice cashiers who don't complain when you do multiple transaction and are willing to do much more than is required to fix MY mistakes!

Everything in this transaction except the Sea Breeze will be going in my son's birthday gift bag. I know a razor might not sound like a birthday present, but it will be his very own razor instead of having to use whatever disposable I got free, and it's the "gamer" version so it's different than just the regular razor (not sure how other than the color, but whatever!)

Walgreens Friends & Family Discount - Today Only!!

Go to to print out your coupon for this. Find the link just below the menu (top left) where you can scroll through the deals. Click on #1 and it will say "get discount card" in yellow letters. Click on this and it will open the page with the coupons. Just remember you have to use these at the photo center or cosmetics counter only because the regular registers don't have whatever button it is for the discount. Last time I printed them I didn't read the fine print on the screen and I couldn't read it on the printed copy so I tried to use one at the regular check-out; it wasn't pretty! LOL

CVS Trip 8/30

Had fun at the CVS in Lone Oak yesterday afternoon. Went in looking for little junk (you know, that kind that would be stocking stuffers at Christmas) for my son's 15th - wow, still can't believe that my baby is a sophomore - birthday today. Of course while I was there I figured I should snag some of the sale items too :)

I was really hoping for a backpack to use for a gift bag, since their backpacks are 25% off and he could use a new one, but no luck. Oh well, they had just marked their summer stuff 75% off yesterday - woo hoo!

Transaction #1

1 tempered glass cutting board, clearance $1.50 (don't know if I'll use it or keep it for a Christmas present; I'm torn right
1 suction cut basketball hoop with 3 ping-pong ball sized basketballs, clearance 99¢
1 small battery-operated lantern, clearance $1.25
1 sports watch, clearance $4.99
1 grip it can cooler (as a matter of fact, the world does revolve around me), clearance 49¢
1 pair Speedo swim goggles, clearance $2.75
1 king-size Reeses cup, $1.00 used 55¢ coupon from SS 8/23
1 Glade diffuser, $6.99 used $3.00 coupon from August All You magazine
1 Sensodyne Isoactive toothpaste, $4.99 used $1.00 printable from
1 Tide Stain Release, $3.99 used $1.50 coupon from recent magazine (BH & G I think)
1 birthday card, 99¢

used $4 off $20 from Readyfill booklet
used $10 eb, $6.99 eb, $1.98 eb
paid $2.47 cash

got back $6.99 eb from Glade, $1.00 eb from Tide, $3.00 eb from Sensodyne

Transaction #2
2 sets of outdoor lights (little paper lanterns - so cute - I've been wanting some for a while), clearance $2.49 each

used $1.00 and $3.00 eb from previous transaction
paid $1.28 cash

I'm now left with only $16.99 in eb (one $10 & one $6.99); I feel so poor, but there is a $3.00 eb floating around for my husband's card (I'll post that trip from yesterday in a little while) so I guess I will survive...LOL

I'm so glad that I had saved up some extra bucks because I have done a few more transactions with them in the last few days getting small birthday presents since we really didn't have the money to do much else right now. He's a pretty good kid and appreciates all the little stuff so he'll be happy with a gift bag full of it & the $10 mountain bike we found him online. (Of course, we've already done his birthday with my parents and brother; my good friend has already given him his card from them so he's doing pretty well with the cash & gift cards right now

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kroger Trip 8/28

My mother & I each needed a few things so I made a trip to Kroger yesterday. My family are big bread eaters so I'm trying to make sure I get as many crescent rolls as we will eat before the expiration date. Also needed to get a cake mix to make my son's birthday cake this weekend and was wanting a few items (okay, junk food) for quick lunches at home, and some flavored water for my son to take in his school lunch. Here's what I got.

6 roll pack Viva paper towels, $5.99
-$1.00 coupon, no idea where my mom got

1 box Surf laundry detergent, $3.99
-$3.00 coupon, USA Weekend 8/16

2 pouches Old El Paso Mexican rice, $1.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-60¢/2 cellfire e-coupon

1 box Betty Crocker potatoes, $1.49
Mega 10 item
-40¢ cellfire e-coupon

10 cans Green Giant vegetables, $1.25 ea
Mega 10 item

4 Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
- 50¢ coupon (x4), & SS 8/9
-50¢ doubled coupon (x4)
-50¢ (x2) Shortcuts e-coupon

2 pouches Starkist Tuna, $1.00 ea
-50¢ coupon (x2), here
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)

8 bottles Propel water, 99 ¢
Mega 10 item
-55¢ coupon
-44¢ bonus (instead of full double)

1 bag Nature Valley Granola Clusters, $2.49
Mega 10 item
-$1.00 coupon,
-$1.00 cellfire e-coupon

2 Hormel Compleats, $2.00 ea
-75¢ coupon, SS 7/12
-B1G1 coupon, August All You

1 Devil's Food Duncan Hines Cake Mix, $1.67
No sale, no coupon, but this is our preferred cake & it is my son's birthday

12 can Crescent Rolls, $1.49/ea
Mega 10 item
-50¢/2 coupon (x6),
-50¢ doubled coupon (x6)
*here's my disclaimer for these - not all of these were mine, some were for my mother, some were for a dinner tomorrow; thank goodness for access to multiple

1 box Monistat 3, clearance $3.75 each
-$3.50 coupon, (don't remember what insert)

3-pack Ivory Soap, $1.00
no coupon, not on sale but this is what my husband uses & no matter how much I try to buy I can't seem to create a stockpile...LOL

2 Carmex, $1.00 ea
-$1.00 printable coupon (can't find the link)

4 King Size Reeses Cups, $1.00 ea
-55¢ coupon (x4) SS 8/23
-45¢ bonus (x4) instead of full double

1 dozen Kroger large eggs, $1.26
-$1.26 Kroger home mailer coupon (Thanks Penny!)

1 pint Kroger chocolate milk, markdown 69¢
I was thirsty!

2-liter Mountain Dew $1.25
Mega-10 item

Burt's Bees Lip Balm, $2.99
-$2.99 Free BB Lip Balm coupon, promotion ended

3 cantaloupes, 99¢ ea produce markdown

2 bags Totino's pizza rolls, $2.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-55¢/2 coupon,
-55¢ doubled coupon
-55¢ Shortcuts e-coupons

Mrs. Paul's Fish Fillets, $5.99
- $3.00 coupon,

Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks, $5.99
- $3.00 coupon,

2 boxes Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
-55¢/2 coupon,
-55¢ doubled coupon
-55¢ cellfire e-coupon

1 pair swimming goggles, $2.50 clearance
my son always seems to need new ones every year, so this is a good price

1 lb Land o' Frost Brown Sugar Ham, $3.99
-55¢/coupon, insert unknown (it was expiring this weekend)
-55¢ doubled coupon

Here's a shock - I ended up with 43 Mega Event items instead of just 40...LOL. I always lose track but I don't mind as long as it's just a few extra instead of being one short! It still comes out to 46.5¢ per item.

Mfg Cpn Savings $39.59
Bonus Cpn Savings $12.97
Kroger Plus Savings $63.32
Total Savings (71%) $115.88

So my total was $46.31 (including 92¢ tax) for 68 items. That's 68¢ per item so I think I'm still okay!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is Sooo Good for a Laugh..

I just found this on Frugal In Virginia's site. It is a section of guest posts written by her husband. They're so funny, but so true!

Even More Kroger Gift Card Giveaways

Frugal Fritzie has one ending at tonight (8/25) at 10 p.m. Central Time. Go here to enter.

Frugal in Virginia is also giving away a $30 gift card. Her giveaway ends tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Go here to enter.

Craving the Savings This giveaway for a $30 Kroger ends tomorrow (Wednesday 8/26) at 11 a.m. Central Time. Go here to enter.

Good luck to everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Found Another Kroger Gift Card Giveaway

More Than Cents is giving away a $30 Kroger Gift Card. All submissions must be received by 11:59 CST, Tuesday, August 25th (and you must register to leave comments to enter). Go here to enter - Good luck!

CVS Trip 8/24

I needed St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub, I've been running really low and I just hate having to pay retail for ANYTHING. CVS has St. Ives on sale 3/$9.99 & I'm thinking about how to get a tube with the least amount OOP. So, here's what I got...

2 Reeses cups, 50¢ each
1 St. Ives Apricot Scrub, $3.33
2 Glade Sense & Spray, $5 each
6 Individual Cups Honey Nut Cheerios, $1 each
1 Composition Book, 99¢

Used these coupons:
$4/$20 from the Autofill booklet
B1G1 Reeses
(2) $4.00 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kits, SS 8/23
(6) $1.00 Honey Nut Cheerios, printable (expiring today and Thursday - needed to be used)

Paid with:
$3.00 EB adjusted down to $2.82. (This is why I threw the Reeses cups in; I knew it was going to be adjusted down anyway and I was going to have to cough up some cash for the tax so they were kind of a last minute thing)
**also had to use 75¢ cash.

Got back:
99¢ EB for the Composition Book
$3.00 EB for the Glade Sense & Spray

I didn't think that was too bad a deal for my St. Ives Scrub...LOL

Free Groceries for a Year from Ronzoni

Go here to enter to win free groceries for a year from Ronzoni. A total of $50,000 in groceries will be given away. 8 Grand Prizes of free groceries for a year ($5200 each) and 42 First Place mini shopping sprees ($200 each). Thanks, Coupon Mommie!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chick-Fil-A is Giving Away Free Sandwiches

The first 250,000 people to register here will receive (via snail mail) a coupon for a free original Chick-Fil-A sandwich. You will also be entered in the daily drawing for a $50 Chick-Fil-A gift card. Yummy!

When you visit the page, also notice that it says "Labor Day only, wear your sports team logo to Chick-Fil-A from 10:30 am to close and get a FREE Chick-Fil-A original chicken sandwich." Hmmm, maybe we do have plans for Labor Day...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two More Kroger Gift Card Giveaways

Wow, I've lost count of how many of these I've posted today! Still hoping to win! Here are two more:

Raising Olives - I just found this blog today and spent so much time reading it...and I'm sure I'll go back for more. Oh yeah, this giveaway ends Monday night.

Blessings Abound
- Ends 11:59 Monday night (Alaska time).

More to come???? We'll see what I find later!

Another Kroger Gift Card Giveaway or Two

Thrifty Northwest Mom is giving away a $30 Kroger Gift Card. Go here for entry instructions. This giveaway ends tomorrow night (Sunday 8/23).

"Deal"icious Mom is also giving away a $30 Kroger Gift Card. Go here to enter, but hurry - it ends tonight!

I really hope I win one of these cards from somebody - there's not much in the budget for groceries this week and I have to get ready for my son's 15th birthday on the 31st.

Giveaways at The Money Jar

Janet at The Money Jar is giving away the following (click on each giveaway for the link to it):

$10 CVS Gift Card
$10 Papa John's Gift Card
$5 Sonic Gift Card

All giveaways end August 31st; as many as I enter, I know someday I will win a giveaway! Good luck to you!

More Kroger Gift Card Giveaways

My Frugal Adventures - Ends this evening (5 pm PST) so hurry!

Melissa's Bargain Blog - Ends Sunday Night

The Good Deal Gal - Ends Monday August 24th

Confession time - They all give an entry for blogging about their giveaway; I hope they don't mind that I listed them all in one post. I think separate posts get overlooked much more easily!

Save-a-Lot 60 Weeks of Free Groceries

Enter here daily to win 60 weeks of free groceries or other great prizes. After you sign up to enter, it gives you the option of receiving a daily email reminder - hopefully that will help me remember!

Where Do YOU Buy Your Papers?

I buy mine at Books-a-Million on Sundays because they have a choice of:
Chicago Tribune, $1.79
The Tennessean, $1.75
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, $1.50
Also, if you have a Books-a-Million Discount card, you do receive 10% off the price of your newspapers. I just haven't had the $20 to spend at one time to purchase one, so my husband and son bought me one (along with a gift card) for my birthday last week - Awesome!

Books-a-Million works pretty well for me, but what if you live too far away to run to Paducah on Sundays just for newspapers? What do you buy and where do you find them? Inquiring minds really want to know - Please leave comments!

Coupon Preview - Which Paper Do I Buy?

Check out the preview for tomorrow's inserts at Southern Savers. I'm still trying to decide what papers to buy tomorrow.

I tracked the Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Tennessean for several weeks to try to figure out which was the best overall (didn't do the Louisville Courier-Journal because I never remember to have change to stop and get it) and had decided that the Chicago Tribune was usually the best overall. Then, last week, I flipped through them at Books-a-Million and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was much better for me. Here I go again!

End-of-the-Week Summaries

Both Southern Savers and Money Saving Mom have their weekly wrap-ups posted, along with links to see how others did this week.

West KY shoppers beware - some of these links cause serious Target & Publix envy!

Next Week at CVS & Walgreens

Jenny at Southern Savers has next week's posts for CVS and Walgreens. Be sure to check them out and let me know what other deals you see!

$30 Kroger Gift Card Getaway - Hurry!

Leave a comment on this post at Money Saving Mom to enter to win a $30 gift card. It was posted this morning and said leave a comment in the next 24 hours, so don't wait! Yes Penny, you left a comment :)

Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel

Click here to join the Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel. "Be the first to know about new products and special offers like coupons, sweepstakes and free samples. And, help us create new and improved Brillo® products. This is the place to share your thoughts with one of the most respected brands in the world!" Sounds good to me! Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free????

Friday, August 21, 2009

Saved 75% at Kroger...

and kicked myself all the way home. Just ran in to the Park Avenue Kroger for a quick trip to pick up a few things from the Mega Sale. Somewhere along the way while I was shopping and counting items and recounting items - I miscounted! Ended up with 19 Mega Sale items instead of 20 - I'm so not happy with me! I knew my total was about $5 more than I had figured but I was so tired and it was Friday afternoon... When I got everything loaded into my car I looked at my receipt, 19 items. Oh well, mistakes happen I guess. Just wish it hadn't been a week when $5.00 is a pretty big deal!

I do have to say I'm loving this sale - all the e-coupons with the paper coupons - awesome! Here's the breakdown for this afternoon:

3 boxes Hamburger Helper, $1.39/ea
Mega 10 item
-75¢/3 coupon,
-75¢/3 cellfire e-coupon

2 boxes Shout Wipes, clearance 83¢ each
-55¢ coupon (x2)
-bonus 28¢ (x2) didn't double the 55¢ just adjusted it to the 83¢ price

2 pkg Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
-50¢ coupon (x2),
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)
-50¢ cellfire e-coupon
-50¢ Shortcuts e-coupon

2 pkg Old El Paso rice, 99¢ each
Mega 10 item
-60¢ Shortcuts e-coupon

1 box Romano's Macaroni Grill Chicken Fettucine Dinner Kit, $1.99
Mega 10 item
-$1.00 coupon
-$1.00 Shortcuts e-coupon

1 box Betty Crocker Potatoes, 99¢
Mega 10 item
-40¢ Shortcuts e-coupon

2 pouches Starkist Tuna, $1.00 ea
-50¢ coupon (x2), here
-50¢ doubled coupon (x2)

1 bag Nature Valley Granola Clusters, $1.99
Mega 10 item
-$1.00 coupon,
-$1.00 cellfire e-coupon

1 box Trix Cereal, $1.99
Mega 10 item
-55¢ coupon,
-55¢ doubled coupon
-55¢ cellfire e-coupon

1 bottle Hunt's ketchup, $1.50
-20¢ coupon
-20¢ doubled coupon

3 cans Grands biscuits, $1.49 eac
Mega 10 item
-35¢ coupon (x3)
-35¢ doubled coupon (x3)
-$1.00 Shortcuts e-coupons

2 pkg Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies
Mega 10 item
-1.00/2 coupon,

2 cans Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $1.49 ea
Mega 10 item
-50¢/2 coupon,
-50¢ doubled coupon
-50¢ Shortcuts e-coupons

3 pkg J & J Reach Dental Floss, $1.00 ea
-$5.00 coupon (from recent SS insert - Chicago Trib had $5.00/3 participating products)

Mentos Gum, $1.00
-55¢ coupon
-45¢ bonus (instead of full double)

2-liter Mountain Dew, $1.25
Mega 10 item

1 loaf Wonder bread, $1.00

1 pkg Kroger Value hamburger buns, 88¢

Mfg Cpn Savings $23.50
Bonus Cpn Savings $5.31
Kroger Plus Savings $23.29
Total Savings (75%) $52.10

I didn't list all the inserts for my coupons, mostly because I'm tired and think I'm ready for an early bedtime tonight...LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walgreens $5 RR wyb $25

Starting tomorrow (8/19) and going through Saturday (8/22) get $5 RR for every $25 you spend - before coupons! Go to Money Saving Mom for links to some money making scenarios!

Kroger Mega Sale

I went to Park Avenue Kroger this evening to see what I could find already marked for the Mega-10 Sale starting tomorrow. Here's the list with the 50¢ per item already taken off. I'm sure there are more that weren't marked and that I overlooked, but hopefully this will get you started.

Green Giant canned corn 75¢
Betty Crocker boxed potatoes 99¢
Progresso Soup, selected varieties $1.19
Aunt Jemima syrup and pancake mix $1.99
Betty Crocker cookie mix $1.49
Betty Crocker Warm Delights minis $1.69
Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.49
Betty Crocker muffin mixes $1.68
Fiber One muffin mixes $2.29
Hamburger Helper 89¢
Old El Paso tortillas, 12 ct taco shells, refried beans, rice 99¢
Old El Paso dinner kits $2.00
Wancahi Ferry dinner kits (not frozen) $2.99
Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.49 (reported to have a buy 5 get $3.50 off next order catalina)
Nature Valley granola bars $1.99
Quaker True Delights granola bars $1.99
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $1.99
Chex Mix Bars $1.99
Quaker Chewy granola bars $1.99
Gatorade 8 pack $4.49
Gatorade 64 oz bottle $1.25
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1.49
Totino's Pizza Rolls 40 ct bag $2.49
Grands Frozen Biscuits $3.09 and $1.99
Green Giant Frozen Steamers 12 oz $1.9
Cereal $1.49
--Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8 oz
--Fruity Cheerios 12 oz
--Cheerios (regular) 8.9 oz
--Trix 10.7 oz
--Total (regular) 10.6 oz
--Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz
--Golden Grahams 12 oz
--Crunch Berries 15 oz
--Peanut Butter Crunch, 14 oz
--Cap'n Crunch (regular) 16 oz
--Life - assorted
--Quaker Oatmeal Squares

Go to Southern Savers to check out the coupon and e-coupon match-ups. She has what should be a complete list of participating products; however, I did notice that some of the pricing is a little different.

Also, a couple of other things I happened to notice:

Knorr Sides are 10 for $10 again
Breyer's Ice Cream (my family's favorite) $2.27

All in all, it looks like a pretty good sale going on at Kroger again so Happy Krogering!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Giveaway at Southern Savers!

Jenny at Southern Savers is giving away (6) $50 gift cards to any Southern Savers grocery store. Go here to enter! I really want to win one of these!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Nestle Calendar with Coupons

Go here to get the Back-to-School Basics calendar & coupon from Nestle and Wal-Mart. Click here to see a list of the coupons included - Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kroger Sweepstakes - Free Gas & Groceries

Go here to enter to win Kroger's Year of Free Gas & Groceries Sweepstakes. If you don't have a account, create one to log-in and enter. Make sure you enter your Kroger Plus Card number for an additional entry. In addition to the Year of Free Gas & Groceries, there are more than 5,000 instant prizes up for grabs!

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet - Another Offer

Just went to this link and was able to sign up again even though it's not been very long since I signed up. Usually if it's not been very long I'll get a message that says I've already signed up, so I hope I'll actually get another one. Thanks Money Saving Mom! Oh yeah - Penny if you try the link and it doesn't work, I signed you up already...LOL

Friday, August 7, 2009

Only Saved 68% at Kroger....

So a friend and I are wondering what we've come to. I ran in Kroger on Park Avenue Thursday, to get ground beef for spaghetti (really need to catch some good sales to restock the freezer) and do the Aussie/ Herbal Essence Hair Deal. Ended up spending $16.80 including $1.?? in tax but only saved 68% - like somehow that's just not enough savings. I can't find my receipt to double-check all the amounts - still haven't found my good CVS one from Tuesday either - what can I say? My son went back to school this week and it apparently just messed me up completely...LOL

Here's the breakdown:

4.2 lbs bananas, 39¢/lb because they were ripe - but not too ripe for us :-)
2.21 lbs apples, 89¢/lb
1.69 lbs ground chuck, $1.78 lb Manager's Special
1 box New York Brand Frozen Garlic Toast, $2.50, used a 50¢ q which doubled to $1.00
1 candy bar (100 Grand), 33¢ on clearance
3 printer ink cartridges, $2.09/ea on clearance, sometimes it's good to have an older printer
1 Scotch Brand Mailroom Supplies Paper Cutter, $1.50 on clearance, used a 50¢ q which doubled to $1.00
1 box Bounce Pure Essentials Dryer Sheets 105 ct, clearance $1.69, used a 50¢ q which doubled to $1.00 and had 50¢ PG esaver coupon on card
1 Bottle Aussie Shampoo, $2.99
1 Bottle Aussie Conditioner, $2.99, used $2/2 Aussie Products, and $2.00 Aussie PG esaver coupon on card
1 Bottle Herbal Essence Shampoo, $2.99
1 Can Herbal Essence Hairspray, $2.99, used buy 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner get 1 Herbal Essence Styling Product Free (scanned at $3.69) and had $1 Herbal Essence PG esaver coupon on card
-$4.00 P & G buy 4 get $4 off promotion

So, I'm looking at my receipt which has my savings listed and see Total Savings 68% and think "That's all?" Seriously? I think I need a reality check!

**Aussie/ Herbal Essence Deal**
buy 2 Aussie @ $2.99/ea
buy 1 Herbal Essence shampoo or conditioner @$2.99
buy 1 Herbal Essence styling product @ $2.99
Total 11.96 plus 72¢ tax = $12.68
- $4 P & G promotion = $8.68
-$2/2 Aussie = 6.68
-$2 Aussie PG esaver = $4.68
-$2.99 or $3.69 depending on how the cashier rings free styling product q = $1.69 or 99¢
-$1 Herbal Essence PG esaver = 69¢ OOP or 1¢ overage

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I See Pork Chops (or Roast) in My Future...

If you still have some of the Gather Round the Grill coupons for $6.00 off pork wyb Kingsford Charcoal & another participating product, there are some great printables to go with them. Go here to print 3 new coupons:

$2.00 off any one 13.5 lb bag or greater of Kingsford Matchlight, Kingsford Mesquite, or Kingsford Hickory Charcoal

Get 1 Free 18 oz KC Masterpiece Barbecue (up to $2.50 value) with the purchase of any 13.5 lb bag or larger Kingsford Charcoal

Save 75¢ on any one (1) Hidden Valley Salad Dressing, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, or Glad Product

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CVS Today

I was going to blog about my fun trip to CVS today and I will - as soon as I find my receipt...LOL

More Coupons to Print

Go here to print 60¢ on 2 jars of Ragu Pasta Sauce, $1.00¢/2 Hellman's or Best Foods Product (22 oz or larger), 75/2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and 50¢/1 Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton to Go or any Lipton Iced Tea Mix. Sorry Penny - it's a SmartSource printer :-( ...I'll try to print some for you if you want any of them.

Free BareEscentuals Samples

Go here to get your free BareEscentuals samples (pay $1.00 shipping + tax on the $1.00). There were 6 colors available; however, Light (which is probably what I need) is sold out. I went a shade lighter (Fairly Light) and a shade darker (Medium Beige) so I might be able to mix them for the right shade - I've done this before with other foundations. I've wanted to try this makeup for a while so I'm pretty happy right now - two samples for $1.06 total.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honey Nut Cheerios Sample & Coupon

Go here to sign up for a free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios and a $1 coupon. FYI to Penny - you've already signed up :-)