Friday, July 24, 2009

My Very Small CVS Trip Today

I had a much larger one that involved a $10 off $50 coupon, $2.94 ECB and $1.70 cash, but I'm too tired tonight to pull out the receipt or remember the details - Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, my small stop at the Hannan Plaza CVS today went as follows:

(7) J&J First Aid Kits 99¢ each - $6.93
(7) J&J Red Cross $1.00 q's - 6.93 (CVS adjusted down to avoid overage)
42¢ OOP (cash - what can I say I just went crazy...LOL)

This brought me to a total of 10 kits = $9.90 so I was thinking I would have to stop at the CVS in Lone Oak & see if they had any kits left so I could go ahead and get my $5 ECB. Even my receipt from this trip says - Total spent toward this ECB $9.90, total needed to earn this ECB $0.10.

So imagine my surprise when the $5 ECB printed on this receipt! Don't know why since the receipt shows the correct total spent; don't think I really care why, I'm just thankful for what I received.

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