Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Kroger Trip(s) 7/28

The Last of the Mega 10 Sale

Took the last of my printable Soft-soap, Speedstick, SoBe and Purina to take advantage of the freebies & moneymakers for this sale. Also used the new coupons.com milk printables - so happy with these! At the Kroger on Park Avenue a lot of the "Free" coupons end up being money-makers because there's a dollar limit on them that apparently comes up and if the cashier doesn't override it with the actual price.... For instance, the coupon for a free gallon of white milk rang up $4.00 and the one for the free half-gallon of chocolate milk rang up $3.75; the SoBe rang up $1.79 and she only overrode 2 of the 7 that I used.

I came out several dollars less than I was expecting so I looked at my receipt when I got in the car after I loaded the groceries in and made this discovery. What an wonderful surprise. I took advantage of the $7 or so that I didn't spend there and the extra $10 hubby handed me that I wasn't expecting to have (self-employment - sometimes you just don't know when the check is really going to get there...lol) and went to the Kroger at Hannan Plaza to get meat.

**My Park Avenue Trip**

1 gallon 2% milk, $2.59
1 gallon 1% milk, $1.79 (love those manager's specials)
1/2 gallon chocolate milk, $2.18
-$4.00, free gallon white milk with grocery order over $100, here
-$3.75, free 1/2 gallon chocolate milk wyb 1 gallon white milk, here
-$1.10, (55¢ doubled) off milk wyb Welch's squeezable jelly, SS 7/26

Welch's squeezable grape jelly, $1.99
Mega 10 item

Shout Wipes, $1.67 clearance
-1.10 (55¢ doubled) any Shout Stain Remover

Betty Crocker frosting, $1.67 sale
-1.00 (5o¢ doubled) here
-50¢ cellfire (didn't even remember I had this)

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill, $2.49
Mega 10 item
-$1.50 coupon from previous Scented Oil Candle Tin purchase

Dole Pineapple Juice, $2.00 sale
-1.00 (50¢ doubled) not sure which insert, bought these from thecouponclippers.com

(4) Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings, $1.11 ea clearance

Pace Salsa, $2.29
-$4.00 coupon, printable from instant win game, here

(2) Jif Peanut Butter, $1.99
Mega 10 item

(4) Bumblebee Tuna, 75¢ each sale
-$2.00 (2 printable coupons, my husband & I both became fans on Facebook)

Chef Boyardee Pasta, $1.00
-$1.00, printable

(2) Zatarains Red Beans & Rice, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
-75¢ RP 6/7

(14) SoBe Water, 99¢ ea
Mega 10 item
used 7 B1G1 coupons, 2 rang at 99¢ each, 5 rang at $1.79 each

(12) Softsoap, $1.50 ea
Mega 10 item
used (12) $1.00 printable here

(12) Speedstick & Lady Speedstick, $1.50 ea
Mega 10 item
used (12) $1.50 printable here

OB Tampons, $2.09 clearance
did not realize these were a Mega 10 item, so my Mega 10 item total was 51 instead of 50 (I just can't count to 10 that many times...LOL)
-$1.50 SS 6/28

Bananas, $1.17 (1.99 lbs @ 59¢/lb)

Ripe Bananas, 54¢ (2.84 lbs @ 19¢/lb)

Red Delicious Apples 3 lb bag, $2.99

(4) Purina Dog Chow, $3.99 ea
Mega 10 item
used (4) $3.50 coupons, here

Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag, $3.79

(2) Fudge Shoppe Cookies, $1.99 ea
Mega 10 item
used (2) $1.00 here

Tax $4.38

-$25.00 (50 Mega 10 items)

Total $14.20

Mfg Cpn Savings $103.53
Bonus Cpn Savings $2.60
Kroger Plus Savings $53.53
Total Savings (94%) $159.66

**My Hannan Plaza Trip**

(4) pkg Tyson fresh boneless skinless chicken breast, $14.08 manager's special
used (4) $1.00 Tyson Fresh Chicken Product, SS 7/12 expiring today

(2) pouches Bumblebee Tuna, $1.09 ea, sale
used (2) $1.00 off Bumblebee Tuna pouch

Bag of Baby Ruth Miniatures, $1.29 clearance
-$1.00 printable (no idea where I printed it, good on Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger or Baby Ruth)

Ground Chuck, $5.62 Manager's Special

(2) pkg Ground Beef Patties, total $2.38 Manager's Special (burgers for supper tonight)

(2) 3 Musketeers Mint, 29¢ ea clearance
-$1.00 off 2 Snickers brand, Twix brand, 3 Musketeers brand, or Milky Way singles bars

Tax 11¢

Total $18.24

Mfg Cpn Savings $8.00
Kroger Plus Savings $.60
Total Savings (32%) $

Only 32% savings, but since I just went for meat, that's okay with me.

**The reasons I went to Hannan Plaza were that Park Avenue didn't have much meat marked down when I went, my hubby gave me an extra $10 when I saw him after I'd already made the Park Avenue trip, and I knew I had Tyson coupons expiring today & Hannan Plaza is the only Kroger that has the fresh Tyson.


TLCZmommy said...

Were your milk coupons the ones that said something about "in accordance with Idaho Dairy blah, blah, blah"? I was wondering if they would accept them here. Also, the Kroger in Murray won't take any printable B1G1, or any printable over $1 or so I was told. Any experience with that? Do you have a lot of computers or how did you get 12 softsoap q's? Do you buy many off couponclippers? If so, how do you decide when and what to buy? I hope you don't mind all the ?'s! I am very impressed with what you're doing and trying to get better at it myself in Murray but not having much luck with Kroger!! Any help or advice would be great! Thanks!

Mommy-Wise said...

Awesome deal!! I'm just browsing through my fellow couponing mommy's blogs and continue to be inspired!! Keep up the good work!

Wendy said...

Hi TLCZmommy!

Thanks for reading my blog! The milk coupons I used were the ones that were very briefly available on coupons.com. I'm so sorry the Kroger in Murray won't take the printable B1G1 or printables over $1.00. I think that stinks and I really hope that the Paducah Krogers aren't headed that direction.

As far the number of printables I had, we only have 2 computers in the house, but I have swapped for some, had friends/family that print for me and I go to the library and print from their computers when there's a coupon I could really use extra copies of.

I haven't bought many coupons from thecouponclippers.com yet, but I've had a very good experience with the transactions I have done with them. I have also purchased some on ebay, and have now done several online trades using thecouponexchange.com and Southern Savers trading group. I'm planning to do a post soon about how those two coupon trading sites work. I try to look at the sales for CVS & Walgreens ahead of time so I know what I'll need and I also just try to know what I buy on a regular basis so I can watch for really good coupons on those items.

I hope this helps, please comment or email me if you have any more questions or comments. I love to hear from people who ready my blog - I'm still so surprised that there are people who don't know me reading it...LOL

Thanks again!