Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Lesson Learned...the hard way

During a trip to Kroger (in Murray) earlier this week, I noticed some of my 50¢ coupons weren't doubling. I asked the cashier why but he had no clue. After checking out, the hubby and I stopped by customer service where the lady tried to explain that only mfg coupons doubled so they were probably store coupons (this was interesting as her English was somewhat broken and hubby and I were both having a hard time understanding), and we tried to explain that they were in fact mfg coupons because we had others just like them in this transaction.

After a few minutes of finding out nothing, another cashier overheard and told us that they will only double 8 identical coupons per transaction, a lesson she learned the hard way herself. It would have been so nice if the customer service lady had known to tell us this when we asked about their coupon doubling policy... oh well, the coupons were expiring that day and it was still a good price without them doubling. It just would have been better if we had known so we could do separate transactions and saved that extra $6.00. Now I know! And, since the Murray store seems to have the same policies as the Paducah stores I'm going to check to see if their limit for doubling is also 8 identical coupons.

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