Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kroger Trip 7/25

I finally did it - my Mega Sale items came out to a multiple of 10 - no extras!

Mega-Sale items (total of 50)

(4) bottles Sobe Water, 99¢ each
used 2 B1G1 printables here

(14) Softsoap - assorted, $1.50 each
used 14 $1.00 printables here

(12) Purina Dog Food - assorted, $3.99 each
used 12 $3.50 printables here

(20) Speedstick & Lady Speedstick, $1.50 each
used 20 $1.50 printables here

Other (non-Mega Sale items)

(2) Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent, $1.49 each (clearance)
used 2 $1.00 printables here

(2) dozen cookies, $1.00/doz, bakery clearance

(2) packages cake slices, 45¢ each, bakery clearance

(2) boxes Tyson Chicken Patties, $3.50 each
used (2) 55¢ coupons, SS 5/10

(1) package Tyson Refrigerated Entree - Beef Roast, $3.99
used (1) 55¢ coupon, SS 5/10 (I think)

(1) package Breathsavers, 99¢
no coupon, no sale but my husband needed them for church today :-)

receipt reads ***Your Kroger Savings Today***
Mfg Cpn Savings $115.13
Bonus Cpn Savings $1.65
Kroger Plus Savings $58.00
Total Savings (97%) $174.78

Total (including $1.10 tax) = $5.02

**I almost didn't post this trip because of the exceptionally large number of printables I used. At a print limit of 2 per computer, this is a large number to have. I have traded for some, had people who didn't need them print some and printed some at the local library. For those who view this as crossing an ethical line, I'm sorry it bothered you. It may seem like an excessive amount of soap and deodorant, but it will all be used and since I was making money on the deodorant to offset the cost of other items I bought a lot these past couple of weeks and it has helped!

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