Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walgreens Moneymaker Starting Tomorrow (5/31)

Starting tomorrow, Walgreens has Ecotrin for $2.00 with $2.00 Register Rewards. Go to Smart Source to print $2.25 coupons for Ecotrin. My experience has usually been that the coupons will adjust (or be adjusted) to the purchase price, but I have heard that sometimes you can get overage at Walgreens.

A friend told me last night that the last time she tried to buy a single item at the Paducah Southside Walgreens to get the RR and used a coupon the RR didn't print. The cashier told her it was b/c she used a coupon and that could keep the RR from printing. I have only tried this at the Hannan Plaza Walgreens and have never had a problem getting the RR.

If you print your 2 coupons from Smart Source and can get the Ecotrin free plus the RR it is a good way to start building your RR. One piece of advice - when Walgreens has these items on sale with RR for the purchase amount (most weeks they have at least one item) they tend to be gone early in the week, and you may not catch any in stock later in the week. Definitely check out the I Heart Wags link on the left of the screen to learn more about Walgreens and to look at sales and deals for upcoming weeks.

Brand New Blog

After my couponing encounters at stores and restaurants this week, and with encouragement from my hubby, I finally decided to try my hand at a blog. My thoughts on the matter are pretty much "What's the worst that can happen, nobody ever finds it or wants to read it? Then I keep going solely for my own amusement, or I don't - big deal."

I have recently re-entered the world of couponing and am constantly amazed by the savings I see from others. I can't believe by the number of stores out there that have incredible triple coupon deals going at the same time as awesome B1G1 sales. Unfortunately in this area our store selections are somewhat limited. My hope is to be able to work out some amazing deals in our area (McCracken, Graves, Marshall, Calloway) using the stores we do have.

I know this area is full of couponers - I see you in line with me at Books-a-Million on Sundays at 9 a.m. to buy newspapers. So if you happen across this blog, please leave a comment with any good deals, sales, coupons, freebies, etc. - any tips you have so we can all maximize our savings. If someone has or knows of an existing blog of this type in this area, please send me a link!

Thank you so much!