Friday, January 25, 2013

Great Kroger Clearance Deals This Week!

Wow - I can't believe I haven't posted in over a year!  It's been quite a year, but that's not what this is about.  I had such a good week at Kroger that when my hubby & best friend said "you ought to blog about this" I thought, "Yes, I should!"

First of all, Monday my best friend and I just ran in Kroger because I needed to grab a ham for my mother.  Our umm.... "quick" run through got slowed down considerably when we ran across one of our favorite employees marking down some Christmas overstock.  I'm not talking wrapping paper and decorations here, I'm talking food!  If I can get pics uploaded and find receipts I'll try to update with more details, but this is the basic list of the deals we found.

Martha White Corn Meal Mix, 5 lb bag, 90¢
Green Giant canned veggies, 31¢
Vanilla candy coating (I'm set for next Christmas now!) 82¢
Le Sueur canned green peas (favorite brand of my mom & my son) 44¢
Stove Top stuffing, turkey flavor, 60¢
French's french-fried onions, $1.00
Duncan Hines cake mixes, 3 different flavors, 50¢
Duncan Hines frostings, 2 different flavors, 50¢
Kroger brand Cream of Chicken & Cream of Mushroom soup, 25¢
Gold Medal All-Purpose flour, 5 lb bag, 67¢
Swanson canned broth, 31¢
Domino's sugar, 4 lb bag, 87¢

Sadly, we had no coupons with us.  We weren't planning to do any shopping since we had been up since 4 am because my friend had an outpatient surgical procedure and I was taking her home from the hospital when we stopped at Kroger.  I was just running in to grab a ham for my mom because it was on my way.  Then my friend decided she felt like walking through with me so we could check the clearance...  I swear we're not TOTALLY crazy!

We did still get two great coupon deals even though we didn't bring our coupons.  The flour had 25¢ coupons (which doubled to 50¢) on the bags so 5 lb bags of flour for 17¢!  And for the French's onions there was a handy little dispenser on the veggie aisle with $1 coupons - so free!

My second great trip of the week happened Tuesday night.  I once again just "ran in" to get a gallon of milk, which would have cost me $2.98.  Of course, I always check the clearance areas and when I checked the frozen clearance area, I found Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles for 99¢ each.  These were in the buy 4 items, get a free gallon of milk promotion which ended Tuesday night.  They only had 3 of them so I grabbed them along with a box of cereal (of course I had a coupon for it!).  So for $4.21 I got my gallon of milk, a box of cereal and three boxes of Toaster Scrambles for my hubby.  All in all it was another very good trip!   Love my Kroger clearance!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kroger Cereal Clearance - 11/14

Wow! I've been on such a break, but am trying to dive back into serious couponing. I've been trying to eat a lot of stuff from our stockpile and it's been nice. However, the stockpile has seriously dwindled - really low on (or out of) lots of items. So it's time! I spend yesterday grocery shopping LOL I don't have time right now for the full breakdown, but the best deal of the day had to be the cereal. Especially since we were OUT of cereal. That's cause for mutiny in my house :)

For you local people, I found this deal at the Paducah Southside Kroger. They were marking down Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks & Froot Loops - the size that are in the MegaSale. Frosted Flakes for $1.79; Apple Jacks & Fruit Loops $1.69! Happy Dance!!! (Okay only on the inside, I wouldn't subject anyone to watching me dance! LOL.)

5 boxes Frosted Flakes, $8.95
5 boxes Apple Jacks, $8.45
Subtotal = $17.40
Minus $5.00 for MegaSale

Final OOP $12.40 for 10 boxes of cereal!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Shopping Wrap-up

Ran into Walgreens Tuesday afternoon and took advantage of the glitch on the Dove RR. Did two identical transactions of 3 single Dove soap bars, on sale for 99¢ with in-ad coupon. Each transaction was $3.15 after tax and produced a $6 RR. Tried it again on Wednesday morning, but no RR printed. I'm very glad I was able to get in on it.
Working on the Hormel Compleats stockpile... Went to Park Avenue Kroger & Southside Kroger this evening and got 8 Hormel Compleats at each one. Since I haven't shopped a whole lot lately I also picked up quite a bit of other stuff while I was out. One of the best buys for the stockpile was Clean & Clear PersaGel 10, $3.49 Mega Sale price, used a $3.00 printable coupon from Clean & Clear's website. This is a great deal since two of us in this house have to fight acne! I also found a couple packages of meat on Manager's Markdown. Got the Minute Maid frozen lemonade & cherry limeade on sale for $1.00 with a 50¢ coupon which should have doubled. However, it wouldn't scan so they had to key it in manually which meant they would have had to double it manually and they didn't know if it was one that was supposed to double. Aaagghh!!! Oh well, 50¢ each isn't a bad deal - just not as good as free! LOL

I got quite a bit of stuff, not lots of free or almost-free, just things we'll eat that were on sale for decent prices. Not a particularly "frugal" evening, but I've not been doing lots of shopping lately so I spent more than normal tonight. But I stayed within my budget, so it's all good. :)

Also ran into Food Giant tonight. Got the hubby some chocolate pies he really likes. I usually get them at Dollar General but they've not had them the last few weeks. Grabbed a bottle of Era, on sale for $3.58 and used a 50¢ coupon which doubled to $1.00. Also, used one of my BOGO Sundrop coupons. They expire the 31st and Food Giant is the best place I've found to use them since RC products are 88¢, making them 44¢ each after the BOGO coupon. I also picked up a couple boxes of Nabisco Premium saltines, another product where I tend to be brand-loyal. On sale for $1.88 each, and I used a 75¢ off 2 Nabisco cookies or crackers coupon. Checked on my favorite hot dogs while I was there (Field Classic - 10 in the pkg) because very few places have them anymore. I was happy to find them on sale for $1.25 so I picked up a couple of packages.

Tomorrow, I need to hit Big John's in Metropolis. I printed several extra Hunt's ketchup coupons at the library today so I can stock up. Then need to run to the bad store (aka Walmart) for a few things. And maybe a quick trip to Kohl's since I have a 20% off and a $10 off $10 that both expire tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

CVS Again

I did make a second trip to CVS this week. My mother asked if anyone had Cokes on sale because she was almost out of Vanilla Cokes. No one did, but I had a rain check to get Coke 12-packs 5/$13 at CVS so I hit the store most likely to have that many Vanilla Cokes. Somewhere along the way I realized that I needed foundation, and since I'm brand-loyal and CVS had L'oreal on sale, I decided to see what I could come up with to use a $10 off $50 coupon I had.

5 Bottles Smartwater, $1.00 each
2 bags Hershey's Air Delight Kisses, 2/$7
1 Revlon Nail Polish, $4.99
1 bag M&Ms, 50¢
5 12-packs Vanilla Cokes, $2.60 each (raincheck)
1 L'oreal True Match Naturale Foundation, $12.79
1 L'oreal Eye Shadow Single, $4.79
1 CVS brand Body Wash, $2.27

-(1) $10 off $50 CVS coupon, printed in-store
-(5) 75¢ Smartwater coupons, truckstop tearpad
-(1) BOGO Air Delights Kisses, grocery store tearpad, max value $3.00
-(1) $1.00 Revlon q, 8/14 SS
-(1) $2.00 L'oreal Face Product q, 7/24 RP
-(1) $2.00 L'oreal Eye Product q, 7/24 RP
-(2) $1.00 CVS Hershey Air Delights Kisses, printed in-store
-(1) Free Body Wash, CVS MinuteClinic email coupons, rang in at $3.00
-$3.00 ECB

Total OOP (including $2.02 tax) = $22.61
Got back $1 EB for Smartwater, $5 ECB for L'oreal & $3 ECB for Revlon

CVS - Paper Towel Stock-up 2011

There really wasn't a whole lot I wanted from CVS this week; however, we were running low on paper towels and since we like the Scott paper towels, I decided to use some ECB and replenish the stockpile. So here's what I got:

(6) 6-roll packages Scott paper towels, $5.00 each
-$5 off $25 CVS email coupon
-(4) $1.00 coupons, 8/14 SS (I think is was SS, but it could have been RP. I used all of mine so I can't look. LOL)
-$8 ECB

Total OOP (including $1.50 tax)= $14.50

Got back $10 gas card! Sometimes the deals are just too easy!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week's Shopping....

I haven't done much shopping this week, which is good since that means less money spent! I was able to run in Kroger on Tuesday morning and got a beef roast and a pork roast out of the Manager's Specials. I was pretty happy about that because I've been wanting roast but wouldn't buy it because the sales hadn't been really good lately.

Thursday night I stopped in Waglreens and was able to get in on the Degree Deal before it quit working.
4 travel/trial size deodorants, 99¢ each
used (4) 75¢ coupons from the 7/31 RP
Total OOP (inlcuding 24¢ tax) = $1.20
Got back $4 RR

I don't think there's much we need right now, except milk & bread and a few things hubby needs for the truck when he hits the road Monday morning. So I'll make a grocery run sometime today or tomorrow between church.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enter this Kroger Gift Card Giveaway - Ends Today 8/10/11

Mandy over at Mandy's Frugal Journey is teaming with My Blog Spark to giveaway a $25 Kroger Gift Card. Pair this with a great sale (such as the current CartBuster Sale) for some awesome deals! Head over here to enter. Good Luck!!